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Glitch with rare machine drop!!!
Hello. I am posting this to try and get some response about the glitch that I unwillingly found myself apart of.
On Tuesday I received a message that one of my clan members had gifted a free spin on the rare machine. Great! I thought. I take the spin, get the drop and then receive another spin, then another spin, and another spin, I realize that something is not right but to be honest. It became quite fun spinning the machine about 90 times. I even posted to my clan members the situation and said that eventually they will take them back but how much fun it was. Three or four members also were getting the free spins. I again said that they ( the game makers) will figure it out and will remove them from our vault.
After about an hour the they put the game in maintenance mode and shut down the game. Great, I thought. When the game went back on line, I thought for sure all would be right in the skydom world again. But all the fighters were still there. Because I had received so many fighters. I could not play the game without getting my vault in order so I began getting rid of the lesser fighter and trying to equal my vault number with the fighter count.
It had only been a few hours, but I truly expected a message or post or something telling us what to do.
The next day, I log on and find all the fighters still there. So I am forced to buy more slots in my vault to accommodate these fighters. I decide to buy a pack of 25 diamonds to do this and make the purchase. I receive the message that the purchase was successful but then the game times me out and I have to re log in. When I do I see that I have 0 diamonds. So I begin to think that the game makers are going to make me pay for all these fighters that I now have. ( that's not cool) still no message or post about this anywhere. Later in the day the game goes back into maintenance mode and when it comes back online, they have replaced all fighters with the tough tongue #23. (Really this is your fix!!!). Not only that but some of the fighters they took were not part of the glitch!!! And I still have no diamonds!!!
So their glitch cost me several fighters that I had before the glitch, twenty $, and diamonds that I already had.
I don't think that is fair. that I need to be punished for their glitch. I was fully aware that they would correct this error. I would assume that you could just reset the game to before the glitch happened. (No harm no foul). I would really like some kind of Communication from whom ever can restore my faith in this game. This was not our fault and should not be held responsible for a glitch with your software.
Please make this right!!! Refund my money. Give me back the fighters I had, and return the diamonds you took from me please.
And in the future, message us or post something so we know what to do until you get it fixed. This was not the right way to handle this issue!
Thank you
I admittedly spend way more than is logical on this game and can easily see this happening to my own clan which is composed largely of my coworkers and children. I'd be furious to have them punished for an error n the programmers part.

My children are young and would probably have spun until their vaults were full having no idea of the game rules or consequences. To have even legally obtained diamonds and fighters removed is rather upsetting. To have people that reported the bug punished, even after refraining from abusing it, is just plain wrong. Then to accuse the players of doing wrong because they couldn't resist playing with a broken component ( I would have too!) is taking it too far.

To the Skydoms team: you made a mistake. YOU owe the players an apology.
Doling out punishments indescriminatly was a dick move.

This just comes to show that how a developer oversight can result in hilarious bugs or heartbreaking injustice. Nevertheless, it's a server-side problem, which might got patched very quickly.

To devs, if something goes wrong, double-check the acquiry date of fighters. Some fighters are legitimately obtained, not from "Bugged" Rare Machine.
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(05-13-2016, 01:51 AM)Joy Wrote:  Then to accuse the players of doing wrong because they couldn't resist playing with a broken component ( I would have too!) is taking it too far.

I was along with your post until this part.

I can't think of any game that would allow players to abuse a pretty serious glitch and go unpunished. Typically doing so is against the terms of service and results in punishment of some form.

Rare Machine costs diamonds to spin, which costs money, or time to save up from daily quest/PvP/ Daily login. To abuse a bug that allows numerous free spins deserves some form of punishment, and you should know better than to do it. :p

Apply your post to any real-world scenario.

"To accuse the person of doing wrong because they couldn't resist stealing that large sum of money is taking it too far."

"I couldn't resist doing it" isn't a valid excuse for doing something you shouldn't do. Tongue
Funny because I can think of several games that compensates players if and when they screw up and also apologize for making an error on top of that mistake. This is a real scenario.  It's virtual equipment and currency that was purchased with our real currency. If it was caused by us then I would agree bit it's their fault.  Restoring everything to prior or simply deleting what was obtained during their mistake should have been the simple solution. Or maybe even shutting the game down to fix what ever they screwed up.  But purposely allowing people to spend more money on vault space and diamonds, knowing they will just revoke fighters and everything legit after is fraud on their behalf.

I've looked in the TOS and I can't find where it says stealing from customers is okay if they "abused" a server side bug caused by the negligence of Metrogames employees. And believe it or not,  many people were innocent & was unaware of it being a bug until it was too late. With that being said, how is it okay to take away previously earned legendary and purchased diamonds when your intent was already to revoke the few gained from this error and STILL profit from it? They did not lose a damn thing! They made money from this "bug" of theirs! It's the players who lost their real money and any time used to level fighters that has been taken.

Though I don't agree with her wording, you get exactly what she meant by her post.
" We stole from you because we are incompetent, money hungry developers and you deserve it" isn't a valid excuse for doing something you shouldn't do either.  
I meant that I probably would have reported the bug and messed around with the machine to see what came out. It never would have occurred to me that they would punish me for fiddling with it if it was already reported and I had no intent to keep what was coming out.

This would be like the time I found the little prize machine at the grocery store was broken. I had fun spinning the wheel just to see what came out and then I took all the little eggs up to the service counter unopened. In that scenario the clerk thanked me for returning them, apologized for the broken machine, and let me keep an extra toy for bringing it to their attention.

The team should have responded similarly. Instead they took back all the toys, were rude, and took not only the items that were paid for but stuff that had nothing to do with the situation as well.
They are not giving you an answer because they don't care about you, all that matters is their money.
There is nothing more left to do here: all you can do is stop playing and bring your money elsewhere.

There are plenty of valid games in the app store, supported by competent developers and publishers. Please, consider this.

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Never in my post did I say taking legit fighters, diamonds, and money from players was a proper way to punish them. I only said some form of punishment is to be expected from abusing a bug in the game. And I doubt devs are punishing the OP by taking away diamonds and money for this glitch. It's most likely an error in their attempts to rollback all these illegitimate fighters.

(05-13-2016, 09:14 AM)Sirio Wrote:  They are not giving you an answer because they don't care about you, all that matters is their money.

I see this same response any time a developer doesn't make any form of announcement immediately after something happens. "They don't care they just want your monies!$" lol.
And I disagree with that in this particular situation. It was not a glitch. They basically told us they took it away for the bug and we deserved having our fighters and diamonds revoked. They didn't bother looking at who was legit, they just stole from us and gave everyone the same bullshit "you deserved it" response.

It's been a few days with no real response, everything is up to speculation at this point. Until they come fourth and explain what happened, why certain events occurred, and offer some type of reconciliation then I'll continue to assume that their intent was malicious.
(05-13-2016, 03:44 PM)Zawerni Wrote:  I see this same response any time a developer doesn't make any form of announcement immediately after something happens. "They don't care they just want your monies!$" lol.

Because it's true. Please, stop licking devs' ass, we're going nowhere with people like you.

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