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I picked up a dragon, now what do I do with it?
I'm not bragging, I really don't know how to work a dragon into my team. He seems very weighty for my battledome and I dont know how it will work for my healer heavy method of playing. Hit and heal. Hit and heal. It's been working since neopets.
Dragons, unless you spend a good amount of Level-up Materials, are dead weights. Most people use them in battlegrounds (because of their damage), but they take up a hefty lot of weight, so make sure you are gaining levels fast enough to give your Dragon a place to dominate would-be attackers.

On teams, they are only as useful as Monks (when not captains), their Captain Skill is weak and they can only transform Energy tiles to the color of dragon.
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Great, another battledome tank, he'll be great with my golem *facepalm*... So I can have the world's most annoying battledome, one that you know you can beat if you repeat the same pattern 200 times. Lol, I said that I wouldn't make a battledome that I would be annoyed with,(either kill me fast or don't), but he's wasted if I don't.

Maybe I'll keep him for a pet and pull him out when I'm watching GoT.
You'll need more than a leash to keep him tamed. Take my word for it.

I'm waiting for Yun Zi to get a Boss/PvP Skill. There's that too.
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Lineup (Red): Atahualpa, Grimer, Annlis (6★), Fenris, Salamander (5★)
ID: 997.071.092
Hello! Congrats on picking up a Dragon! There are some teams on which Dragons can work, but as ISeeMyself mentioned, most players actually put them in PvP. Probably the best Dragon for PvP is the purple Shadow Dragon, since it attacks every turn. As you progress in PvP, it is very likely that you will see more Shadow Dragons than you care to count, haha!

I have a Mech Dragon that I keep on hand - I was very proud of myself when I finally captured that guy! He was tough! The Dragons can be decent attackers on any team, but be careful when using their Active Skills, because it takes away all of your Energy Gems, leaving you without a way to gain Energy that turn (unless a lucky Energy match drops down after your move).

When playing a mono-colour team, Dragons can fit in pretty well, in case you are low on Fighters of one colour.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is their Kind. Dragons, as well as the Golems/Giants, have the "Legendary" Kind, so a Leonidas will happily boost its attack. Dragons can work very well on a Legendary Leonidas team if you need more Legendaries on your team. That is how I used my Mech Dragon, with a Leonidas. They also work with the Legendary Ogre in the same way.
He's going to be a glorious pet, I guess, untill I get over my thing for healers. He's just so freaking weighty and an energy suck. If I could bring him back from the battledome once in a while, or if I had two of an elf other than Annlis, this would be an easier choice. I don't want all of my big guys in the battledome to be elemental that can just be whipped by a one big shadow.

I am looking at the next upgrades for my team. Right now I have Shadow Cronla and War Trixie as my anchors, Pisces, Set, Deadly Shot Drake and the other elves to swap out as subs as needed, but I don't think that's going to cut it for the volcanoes.

Maybe I will just buy some new spaces and then it really won't matter.
I'm struggling on early-stage volcanoes myself, and rely on healer captains almost exclusively at this point (I'm level 106).

My main team is:
1) Battle Medic Sherwen (green -- or Queen of the Damned Nissa, if purple would be of use).
2) Shadow Destroyer Brook (green/purple)
3) War Mistress Trixy (red/green)
4) Laser Shot Naurim (yellow)
5) Canek, Maya King (purple, 50x attack as long as I can heal FAST when he's done).

I often team with Set -- don't care about his awesome blue power-up, but that double rate protection barrier IN ADDITION to my healer will often keep me alive and kicking when I'm WAY out of my league otherwise...

[Sherwen, Nissa and Naurim are all waiting patiently for me to be good enough to survive a twin wisp encounter, to evolve to 6-crown forms -- Set's no help there.]

I recently acquired a dragon as well, and was bemoaning how useless he seemed.  I hate putting anything in my arena that isn't a duplicate or lower-level version of something I have in my vault, but... I just can't see using him otherwise.  It's a shame.  Dragons should be tougher. (He *IS* a Shadow Dragon -- so it sounds like he'll be quite happy in the arena!)
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I have Pride, Anubis, Set, Nezha...

Dragons and golems in the arena are the "no effort at all" solution.

There are many fighters stronger and tougher. The problem is, they all need to be trained and evolved before being thrown in there.

And Shadow Dragon boss is easy. People are simply asking to have the points taken from them with this. First stage, however, can be a nightmare, especially if buffed by potions and egyptian god.
I'd disagree that they are no effort at all and they can be quite effective bosses at full strength even in champions. Many of the rare machine legendaries are more powerful but much slower in reaching their full strength and the dragons and golems can get you to pvp endgame just fine. They may not win you a seat in the champions top ten but that really doesn't matter since the rewards are the same anywhere in the rankings.

I've lost a few fights to a well tended dragon or golem. But very rarely have I lost to any legendary bosses simply because they haven't got the same levels on them that a good farmable can reach.

My opponents are welcome to win my trophies because they are virtually meaningless as long as I stay in league. I wouldn't want an unbeatable battleground because that deprives my dear league mates of the much more valuable medals. I do keep my battleground challenging but only to keep the easy target label off my back.

But just because I use a golem/dragon heavy battleground doesn't mean it's an easy stroll to the victory banner. And no player should be discouraged from using the tools available.
I don't want to put a lot into my battledome, I just want to be in a league where I can win my ten battles in two weeks without preying on the weakest players in the league. This means that a few losses are needed to balance the wins. I also don't want to be obliterated by everyone that is in a league that they shouldn't be in. Golems, dragons and other tanks, while absolutely defeatable with a good strategy provide a decent balance.

I've decided that the dragon will remain a pet for now, because I don't want an all red battledome and my next big thing for the battledome will be Ruin master Annlis when she is ready (I have 3 Annlis now and would gladly give one to a newbie if it was possible, where were all of these drops when I was like level pre level 50 and needed one!).

Sherwin annoys me now that I have Limtel, and Limtel was easy enough to get once I got to the underwater stages. Just play the level where Limtel is the boss in the underwater deep until she drops, she has a decent drop rate and eventually will, especially during a 2x drop period. Cronla is good too because shadow Cronla's active skill heals and has a barriar, but that's a personal bias.

I'm keeping the dragon as a pet in my vault and feeding it random stuff when I need to make space. I don't care about the gold because it's easy enough to pick up lots on the weekends. I plan to pull him out on levels that I don't need my A team, I mean hey, why not have a pet dragon?

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