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I picked up a dragon, now what do I do with it?
Elemental dragon is best as a pet anyways. He's slow to attack and prefers to just hang back and let your league mates practice their combo skills on him. Shadow and transmute dragons do pretty well in battle grounds but save your resources on the other dragons as defenders.

All the golems can do fairly well but as you say can easily become too strong and put you in a league you aren't ready for.

All my dragons like to hang out in my defenders inventory. I have dragon kibble and squeaky toys. It's a good spot for them.

You'll get a good feel for what works on a team and what doesn't by trying things out. Taking untested fighters on farming missions is a perfect idea and the best way to learn new techniques while you level up those random skills!

It sounds like you know what's best already Amanda. Good luck and enjoy the hunt!
Thanks for all of the advice guys. Battledome has gotten kinda "meh" lately. I find myself grinding away at Dragons and Golems that I can only get past because of the Chinese gods because of the lack of PvP skills. I don't want bigger tanks, I want more skills. I put bicolor Sun Wukong in and couldn't imagine him doing less. Bicolors are very underwhelming in the battledome, everything that makes them so useful is non-exisant there.
(05-15-2016, 06:22 AM)ISeeMyself Wrote:  On teams, they are only as useful as Monks (when not captains

Please don't discount the monks! I recently started using one in my pvp team for color changes and, along with the elemental of the same color, they will change all but energy blocks and one other color. This allows for rapid turnover of gems and multiple combos. They work better than the archangels with elementals in this respect.  Smile
I faced one bi-colour monk in the battledome and the Chinese god I used obliterated him. I want to see more PvP skills that take some serious strategy to get past.

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