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Account problems and preparedness
i love skydoms. It's a fun game and I have put a ton of time into building my account into something I love. But this is a game. It's software that has bugs and glitches. It's run on electronic devices that fail and goes over the Internet which is prone to failures of its own.

So what can you go to protect your account, your progress, and any money invested in diamonds?

First, write down your player ID! Send it to yourself over your regular email, save it on paper that you won't lose. Put it in a couple of places where it can be found. Knowing your player ID number is the first step in getting support for account problems.

Second step: if you make a purchase, it does not hurt to take a screenshot of your diamond balance and the new fighters aquired. It can serve as a type of receipt should something go buggy.

Third step: Be patient. The games support staff is probably quite limited. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get a response. But even if it's frustratingly long, you will usually get your problem addressed.

Good luck all.

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