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Preparing for Infernal Volcano & Beyond
First of all, Infernal Volcano is HARD. You'll definitely need 5★ Fighters with strong skills, so here's what I can recommend:
  • If you are running a Monocolor team, learn to manage your valuable energy. Lack of energy might be the determining point between a decisive victory or total defeat.
  • Make sure you have very strong fighters in your arsenal.
  • If you are running a Polycolor team (multiple colors), you must get better in puzzles. Especially given the fact your time is short (this can be remedied), you must think swiftly to generate as much damage as possible.
  • Don't be fooled that the first 5 sections of the Volcano are easy. The final zone is deadly.
  • Save up diamonds, so you can try again if you were close!
  • Pride is not essentially neccessary (given her cost is very high), but if you can find an awesome captain, you can replicate its skill and gain many unique advantages! Natives work the best because of this.
  • A "Survive" skill might be essential. Don't overlook it.

That's all I can say now, good luck at beating the erupting Volcano!
ded gaem, etermax disband
Lineup (Red): Atahualpa, Grimer, Annlis (6★), Fenris, Salamander (5★)
ID: 997.071.092

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