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Japanese fighters Damage, Defense, Energy Calculations.
Hi, this may be a tad bit late to ask, but as of now, neither the in game description or Wiki gives an exact amount of boosts these "suicide" fighters will give. It's very ambiguous as it says "the lower the life, the more boost it will give" and I'm also curious if ALL Japanese God fighters will give a fixed % of their boost depending on how much HP you have left, or is it different for each one: i.e., Green will give you its max boost if you lost 50% of your life (because the green jap God active skill will decrease 50%), vs the red Japanese God will give you Max boost only if you lost 70% of your life (because red God decreases your life by 70%). Game developers, please further explain the boost calculation of these Japanese gods.

I know, they are not the best of captains, but they are fun to play with since you can literally turn a battle 180 degrees in one turn depending on your co captain (preferably another Japanese God or a Zodiac).

The captain-co-captain pair I'm looking at are Raijin and Raijin (purple). If you have low life, you literally have 8X att and 8x energy charge rate. Maybe stick a Greed within the team to increase shield and survivability, since "shield" is technically not part of "HP", thus, it won't impact the Japanese god's effect...I think (because Jap god's effect are still ambiguous). That can dish out some nasty damage as well as some extremely nice energy recovery. Same concept for the red Japanese God, but just less boost than the purple one.

Anyways, please clarify their boost calculations!
I am also interested in learning more about how the bonuses for Japanese Gods work. I have a lv. 99 Raijin, but I never use him in play because I am uncertain as to what my bonuses will be - it is too unreliable for me right now. But I think that they could make very interesting Captains. They actually have very good synergy with some of the Zodiac Fighters as well as synergy with themselves as dual Captains. But I think their unreliability & just the general way they play turns players away from using them. Players have called them "suicide Fighters" for their Captain Skill & for the reason that their Active Skills drain Life. But I actually find their design pretty intuitive. Using their Active Skills can be an effective way to manage your Life so that you can stabilize it to suit your boost zone. The player can use the Active Skill to drop Life to an amount that will give you a good boost from the Japanese God Captain or to put a Zodiac Fighter in the right percentage range.

They offer a creative way to play & offer a new style of play. The Japanese Gods are underused, partly because they are tricky to use, & partly because their Captain Skill is ambiguous & not clearly defined, like the Zodiacs.

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