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Can you have more than one captain?
If so how do you make a fighter gain the captain skill?
Hello, Saphira! You may only have one Captain on your team at one time, all other Fighters that you use are just considered as general team members & their Captain Skills will not come into play. You can change your Captain by placing a Fighter as your first Fighter - only the first Fighter on your team will use their Captain Skill, as they are your Captain. You also have the option to use in-game friends' Captains as well as your own. Your friends' Captains are called Co-captains. The Co-captain that you choose will also act as a Captain, & that Fighter will also use their Captain Skill. So, only two Fighters on any team will use their Captain Skills: your Captain (your first Fighter on the team), & your Co-captain (your friends' Captain). On your team you will have six Fighters. The first Fighter will be your Captain, & the sixth Fighter will be your Co-captain. Only Captains can use Captain Skills, all other Fighters are limited to using only their Active Skills & Random Skills.

So, the only way to make a Fighter gain the Captain Skill, is by placing that Fighter as your Captain.

Hope that helps!

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