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PvP Legendaries
Hello, all! Quinn here. I have noticed a recent resurgence in players using the Legendary PvP Fighters - Legendary Fenix, Legendary Manticore, & Legendary Gryphon - as Captains. I never thought much of these Fighters before, but now they are appearing quite frequently against me in PvP, & winning. When did these Fighters become so strong?

I've just checked the Wiki pages for these Fighters (as well as seeing them in-game), & their Captain Skills read: 2x Attack, Defense, & Energy for all <X colour> Fighters. These Fighters boost all stats of Fighters of their colour! That's crazy! Their Active Skills are nothing all that impressive, but their Captain Skills are amazing. When did this happen?

I swear that these Fighters were not this good a short while ago. I fell like their boost was much lower before, like 1.5x not 2x. I've been seeing a lot of teams using two of these Fighters together as Captain & Co-captain on mono-colour teams to devastating effect.

Was there some kind of silent update to these Fighters? Or am I just crazy & its been this way the whole time?

Quinn, that was a sorprise for me too... I don't know LOL Smile
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(06-07-2016, 04:14 PM)GeorgeST Wrote:  Quinn, that was a sorprise for me too... I don't know LOL Smile

I almost forgot about this thread, haha.

Yes! I was very surprised as well. These Fighters are very good & worth their price. On a mono-colour team, these Fighters are amazing - with 2x Attack, Defense, & Energy! With the right team combinations, these Fighters can surpass Leonidas & Legendary Ogre (though Leonidas still has the best Active Skill). Though Gryphon, Fenix, & Manticore have mediocre Active Skills & their individual Stats are nothing all that impressive, their Captain Skill is quite powerful. & they don't even have to be evolved! That is nice.

I don't remember them being this strong before.
2× on every stat is an excellent aspect for a Captain, an all-arounder might be a nice addition for teams! Unfortunately, I don't think their Active skills are good as their Captain skills.
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yep, their captain skills are really strong, with the right monocolour team (knowing that the lack of energy is usually why these team don't work sometimes) could be really devastating, you will get full energy with 6 energy gems and some 3 o 4 combos, also you will get less damage and the 2x is nothing amazing, but at least is more damage

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