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Update 2016-06-16 (Spectres, Orcs and Bicolors)
Update 2016-06-16
  • Added Orcs to the Rare Machine
  • Added Spectres to the Rare Machine
  • Archangels now have a bicolor evolution using a remake of the current art
  • Egyptians now hold their old Boss Skill with chances working properly
  • Other server issues fixed
Awesome! Nice work, Team! The new Orcs & Spectres look wonderful! The Spectres are eerie & creepy, & the Orcs are quite Orcish. The bi-colour Angels are now powerhouses. & now the Egyptian Gods hopefully work as they were intended - we well see how well they work now. Thanks for the update!
Where can I find a list of Boss PVP Skills? I remember seeing them on the Wiki, but they seem to have vanished leaving me in the dark :o
On one hand I really like the bicolor captain skill, on the other the active skill cost breaks their functionality. I think I'm going to have to pass on the archangel evolution I need the gem reroll more than the extra damage.

Looks like pvp will be more challenging with the Egyptians back in play. Is there any chance defensive wins will ever reward medals?
(06-16-2016, 11:30 PM)Joy Wrote:  Looks like pvp will be more challenging with the Egyptians back in play. Is there any chance defensive wins will ever reward medals?

On the contrary. Looks to me like PvP will be much easier now. The Egyptian Gods no longer give an attack boost to all Defenders. Now it is completely random as to which Defender gets the Extra Hit. However, this makes the Chinese Gods & Ents less viable as PvP Captains. The Extra Hit will defeat them, if it triggers at just the right time. The Boss Skill of the Egyptian Gods is now completely luck based, & makes less useful as Bosses.
Hmm yeah the extra attack is really weird and it's bizarre to see when it pops up on a stunned enemy but I actually found primary levels much easier without the overall attack boosts.

The specters look pretty interesting but the orcs active skill seems oddly weak even for a 5 crown.
Gotta agree with Joy here. Upgrading is more of a nerf than a buff. Gem rerolls matter far more to me than harder hits at a 38% energy markup. All that needed to be done was change the icon to be bicolor, and change the functionality to be bicolor. No other stat changes were needed.

That energy increase really hurts his functionality.

Spectres are going to make some great defender units to go alongside healers. I could see an attack team of Spectres doing... something, but they're not really competitive enough to matter in the long run. Orcs I personally have no use for but I'm sure something can be done with them.
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I think that both the new Orc Fighters & Spectre Fighters are pretty cool, & are a welcome addition to the 3-Crown family. Some of us players that are higher in levels may not find them useful for our teams, but I think that they would make good options as Fighters for beginners & mid-level players. When adding new Fighters to the game - especially 3-Crown Fighters - you have to consider the entire player-base. These new Fighters will add more variety to the game (& to the Rare Machine) & give players more options for team members & strategies. These two new series of Fighters will help players take on some of the challenges of the game like other 3-Crown Fighters could not.
Just finished checking the new Fighters, all I can say is, Spectres look like something out of a horror movie (but then, what you'd expect?). Spectres can be influenced with, you guessed it, MORE Spectres, increasing max damage to 5׆ at 5★ form. "Battalion of bones" indeed!

Orcs are awkward, they're the FIRST few fighters to have partial armor reduction and two core kinds (Rebel & Focus) at the same time. Their Captain skills benefit spellcasters, so they have some partial use.
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Well you talk about newer, less powerful fighters helping younger players

...but this is from the Rare Machine. Anything lower quality greatly lowers the average value of a roll. It's why the Zodiacs are as bad as they are. Instead of getting a good monster, you're picking up a "good" one.
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Current Captain: War Holy Limtel (#609)
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