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Update 2016-06-16 (Spectres, Orcs and Bicolors)
(06-18-2016, 02:55 AM)dinklebob Wrote:  Well you talk about newer, less powerful fighters helping younger players

...but this is from the Rare Machine. Anything lower quality greatly lowers the average value of a roll. It's why the Zodiacs are as bad as they are. Instead of getting a good monster, you're picking up a "good" one.

Good is a relative term. Fighters are good at different things & provide the player with different strategic options - some are more focused on one aspect in particular, while others are more generally rounded. Some are geared towards specific challenges while others are more widely usable. I don't see these new Fighters as being less powerful, I just see them as being different. If I need a healer, I will use an Elf, not an Orc, but if I need to penetrate a Golems's armour, I will use an Orc, not an Elf.

However, not all Fighters are created equal - I will give you that. That is the difference between targeted-use Fighters, & broad-spectrum Fighters. Some will help players only in certain situations, while others will help in many different situations. Fighters that are more widely usable tend to be "better" Fighters than others; that is because they have many uses. The Game needs both.


On a related note, though perhaps a little off-topic for this particular thread...

Adding new Fighters to the Rare Machine will add variety to the Drops, but it will not change the weight. It is still just as likely to spin a 3-Crown Fighter as before, but the difference is, there is more variety in the Drop. It makes it harder to Spin the Fighters you want, but it also makes it less likely that you will Spin duplicates. Adding new Fighters to the Machine will not alter the chance to Spin a certain kind of Fighter, but it will lower the chance to spin an individual Fighter. 3-Crown Fighters still have the same Drop Rates in the Rare Machine, but, as more Fighters are added, the Drop Rates of specific Fighters will decrease.

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