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New Horizon Walkthrough (UNFINISHED)
Seventh island in the game. VERY strong Captains (like Natives) recommended! This island introduces Boss Skills.

  • Energy to X - Exactly what it says on the tin. (Voodoos)
  • Heal - Exactly what it says on the tin. (Elves)
  • Snipe - Ignores YOUR Defense. (Marksmen)
  • Multi-Hit - Exactly what it says on the tin. (Wild Forest)
  • Energy Hit - Deals damage based on your Energy. Drains ALL energy. (Pirates)
NOTE: I haven't finished this Island yet, so expect missing/invalid information!


6★ Natives
7★ Archangels
7★ Mythicals


Elemental Block

6★ Grimer (Damage Dealer)
6★ Salamander (Converter)
+6★ Chamuel (Shuffle)
6★ Loki (Disable)
+6★ Medusa (Disable)
6★ Lust (Converter)

War Block

6★ Drake (Damage Dealer)
6★ Sherwen (Healer)
+6★ Raphael (Shuffle)
6★ Mighty Dwarf (Converter)

Shadow Block

6★ Craven (Damage Dealer)
6★ Nissa (Healer)
6★ Sylph (Converter)
+6★ Zadkiel (Shuffle)
+6★ Hydra/Fairy Hydra (Poison)
6★ Hel (Converter)

Transmute Block

6★ Tendor (Damage Dealer)
*5★ Swan (Disable)
6★ Limtel (Healer)
6★ Undine (Converter)
7★ Naga (Converter + Healer)

Mech Block

6★ Naurim (Damage Dealer)
+6★ Zeus (Shuffle)
+6★ Uriel (Shuffle)
6★ Taranis (Converter)

Rare Fighters (other than their 6★ forms) not recommended.
Wild Forest Fighters at their MAX forms are excellent Lightweight choices when you have more than 1 Bicolor Fighters on your team.
*Swan is a special mention here, his/her disable stuns all enemy Fighters for 1 turn.

This island also introduces "tough as nails" bosses with over 1M HP, the Woodoo (in my opinion, they should be called Voodoos) and Stun Immunity. Matches with over 50.000 Damage per Fighter (up to 250.000 in BOSS stages) is the only way to kill them without stalling too much.



HP: 2.1M
Attack: 11381
Defense: 1200

TTA: 1 Turn


Multi-Hit: Attacks twice, dealing immense damage. Ignores "Survive" skills.
Has no "Stun Immunity".
Other skills TBD


Lv. 3 Attack Multiplier boost significantly increases your attack multiplier if you can land a devastating blow!
Lv. 2+ HP Pool boosts & Lv. 2+ Shield boosts highly recommended for survival.
Survive skills are utterly useless against Moctezuma. Beware!
Try to get an Attack multiplier of at least 16׆ !

I'll update as I progress, but for now, that's all I can say!
ded gaem, etermax disband
Lineup (Red): Atahualpa, Grimer, Annlis (6★), Fenris, Salamander (5★)
ID: 997.071.092
nice guide! i would also recommend monks for monocolours team, as they go well with archangels. i can tell that monocolour is pretty good for this island. the problem with building a monocolour team that isn't mecha or transmute is that one boss will be almost impossible to defeat because the 0.5x dmg.
Halved damage is a bane to all teams. It's already as hard as it is, ACC (Attack Correlation Chart) makes it twice as hard, if you are on the wrong side of the chart!

War section should be easier, considering I'm dealing with Weight issues (just evo'd Annlis) and I have only a few hard hitters.
ded gaem, etermax disband
Lineup (Red): Atahualpa, Grimer, Annlis (6★), Fenris, Salamander (5★)
ID: 997.071.092

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