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PVP Attack Timers
I thought this would be an appropriate place because I can see this being a common question.

In PVP arena, if you have all PVP defenders as a "1" turn timer, how come in random portions, weather it be the first stage or final stage, how come some defenders that are to attack "every turn (1)" get a 2 turn attack timer for the first attack then attack every turn?

For example, I was testing my PVP arena and notice my first defender (Purple Dragon) always has a 2 turn attack timer. but he is supposed to attack every turn. I was unaware of this until I tested my arena thinking I had a tough arena but I guess its not as tough as expected with this uncalculated knowledge.

Assuming there is a logical reason for this, what determines if they attack on 1 turn or 2? I was looking for a hard arena, but its tough when they get an extra turn they are not supposed to get.

RNG. Every time a Defender appears on screen, it rolls to see if the Defender will attack with a one-turn delay or one-turn head start.
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Yep. ISeeMyself is correct. When a Defender shows up in PvP, it will generally start with an attack at its regular timing. However, there is a slight chance that the Defender with either attack one turn sooner or one turn later than it usually does. So a 1-turn attacking Defender could possibly make its first attack on its second turn rather than its first turn. Likewise, a 2-turn attacking Defender, could get the chance to attack on either its third turn, or its first turn. It is random. But I would say that most of the time, Defenders attack when they are supposed to the first time. This only affects its first attack - all other attacks with follow at its regular intervals.

All enemies do this, in fact. - in regular Island play they also have this chance. Though the chance seems quite low.
Ahh thanks. I never really noticed until that post, but thought I'd ask to get clue'd in to the mechanics of it. ^_^
As mentioned above, every defender has a chance of getting +1/0/-1 in their turns (only the first time they show up)

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