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INFAMOUS Looking for members
We are currently a top 15 team after losing 2 members for inactivity. We will be top 10 when full again. We are looking for active players who are either on the rise from T1 or a champions league member just tired of their clan. We are always sharing diamonds or spins depending on what the deal of the week is. If you are interested look me up. Thank you for your time.

Growel 441.916.624 message or friend request
INFAMOUS FKG-646 Clan Requests
Hope you find some good players like you are looking for. after this past war i feel some of our members are going inactive too. we had several not participate which is unusual, our chat has been pretty dead as well, which is even more unusual Tongue
Thats what happened to us. I have a feeling that we might lose a few more. We have a solid core of strong players who chat all the time. Unfortunately its the lower level players who keep quitting or jumping from clan to clan. Have a spot for you Chay Chay if you are interested.
While we would love Champions or T1 players - we also welcome inquiries from anyone that is active. Growel started our clan and we recruited with the goal of active players. Win or lose in the clan wars - we want members that want to battle. We don't like leaving attacks on the table.

Of course, now that we've dropped a few ranks due to loss of members, we are pretty dominant against who the system puts us against. But I am looking forward to getting back to fighting the top teams. I think we've battled most of the top teams except Immortals. I'm actually looking forward to getting to fight the best of the best.

Long story - short story - if you are active and will use your attacks, then request to join.
^_^ Use all of the turns!
Amen, Brother!

On a side note - I'm a whole bunch of chatter during the clan wars.. and not during the clan wars..

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