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Lord of Ashes, Active skill cost
Lord of Ashes
His Active skill is quite so expensive compared to say.. Sharp Shadow Roberts: Convert all Green enemies to Purple 2 turns.

Roberts: 3180
Ashes: 9500

Why do i think its too expensive?
Roberts skill converts ALL enemies, altho only Green
Ashes skill converts ONE enemy, altho all colors

6000 would have been more "ok" according to me, that is still almost double of Roberts and all the other Pirate skills.

If someone can argue against it please do so i can understand Smile
LoA (Lord of Ashes) has a potential gamebreaker spell that essentially changes the color of ANY Fighter, and uses ACC against them, becoming a potential gamebreaker. No wonder why his skill cost is insane.
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But still, only one fighter. Are the pirates active skill too cheap then?
I think it comes down to versatility. The Pirates, like Kidd, Roberts, etc., are only useful against a specific colour, while the Djinn can take on enemies of any colour. This makes the Djinn more widely usable on a team. Since the Pirates can only convert enemies of one colour, their use is limited, unlike the Djinn - a Djinn can be useful on any Island stage, while the Pirates are only useful on some stages. The Djinn can also make very useful PvP team members, allowing the player to convert an enemy to the opposite school - a particularly helpful skill for Red, Green, & Purple PvP teams. The Pirates, however, make poor PvP team members in my opinion, as one never knows for sure what enemies one will face in an Arena - if the Boss is not the right colour for your Pirate, the Pirate will be of no use.

Another thing to consider is that the Djinn can convert an enemy for up to 3 turns, while the Pirates only convert for up to 2 turns.

If we break up the Djinn Active Skill over three turns it comes down to approximately 3160 each turn for three turns. That sounds a lot better than 9500 all at once. Unfortunately, that big cost all at once leaves the player with a low amount energy afterwards; not much energy left over for the use of other Active Skills in that turn.
Well.. Since the purple dragon became farmable all you need is one pirate really, Teach. It's almost an guarantee to face it on some stage.

But I agree if you brake it down its not so bad, I actually rather have it for 2 turns and like 5-6k energy.

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