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Pros of being in a Clan
Now that you’re in a clan you’ll gain access to several features that’ll help you progress in the game. You can see them on you clan menu:

[Image: T5nJBAFl.png]

Being in a clan allows you to chat and meet need friends! Press the chat button to open the clan chat. The chat is really useful to organize your clan before and during Wars. In the “members” section, you can see the stats of your fellow clan members, like their level or rank, and you cand send a private message to them! Ask them for their ID or send them yours to add them to your friend list!

As you may have noticed, there’s a Clan Machine. This Machine can be spun for free once every 18 hours. Using this Machine will give you a fighter or material of 3 crowns or more, some of which can’t be found on other Machines! You can reset the Machine’s timer by using 10 Diamonds; this will also give all Clan Members a free spin on  this Machine. As your clan levels up, the Clan Machine will offer more fighters and materials.

Being part of a Clan allows you to participate in Clan Wars! Check out our Clan Wars thread here!

Keep in mind that being in a clan passively increases your coin and experience gain. You can check this bonus by tapping the blue info button.

Finally, you can check your Clan’s current position on the ranking. Improve your teams and fight often to show who’s the best!

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