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How to join a Clan
Hi people, Dorvak here with some guides on Clans!

So, what exactly is a clan? Is it worth joining one? If it is, how do I join one?. This thread’s purpose is to clarify as much as possible about clans, so hang on tight and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Clans are groups of players that allow you to meet new friends as well as participate in Clan Wars, a co-op PvP battle experience. Being part of a clan will bring you many benefits, as you’ll see later in these posts.

So, how do I join a clan? If you press the “Clan” button, you’ll find the following screen:

[Image: XRhyAQkl.png]

As you can see, there’s three options for joining someone else’s clan: suggested, search and invites. Pressing the “Suggested Clans” button will show you clans which are public, have free spaces and share the same language configuration you have. You can join these clans at any moment (so long as they have space) and you can join them again even if you leave them. What’s more, there’s no penalty nor price to be paid for joining or leaving a clan, so feel free to change clans as you see fit!

Here’s what the your suggested clans screen will look like:

[Image: DQB9cyVl.png]

Once you’ve chosen a clan you’ll see the following screen:

[Image: mkjF2DJl.png]

Press “join now” to become a member of that clan!

The second option, “Clan Search” allows you to look for a specific clan. As you can see in the image below, you need to know the clan’s ID in order to look for it. You can ask your friends to give you their clan’s ID.

[Image: F4QdO0gl.png]

Finally, there’s the third option, “Invites”. Friends and other players can send you an invitation to become a member of their clan. Please note that you’ll only receive invites from clans if you’re not in a clan.

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