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Beginner's guide to PvP
Hi there, Dorvak here with some beginner’s guides! The idea is to clarify as many doubts as possible, but if some remain be sure to ask!

In this guide we’ll talk about several issues you need to keep in mind as regards PvP and your Battleground. Once you reach level 15, the PvP feature will be available, opening a whole new spectrum to the game, where you’ll be able to fight other players in order to climb the ranks and obtain great rewards!

PvP works with a “season” system, that is updated every two weeks. This means that during this time you need to obtain at least ten wins in order to be able to reclaim your season rewards.

[Image: 6ycguIhl.png]

As you can see on the image above, there’s a timer on the “Combats” button, that shows how much time is left until the season ends and how many victories you have at the moment. Press the blue button to see what rewards you’ll obtain!

[Image: 7Y6KklMl.png]

Your position on the ranking is given by the amount of trophies you have. You’ll obtain trophies whenever you attack and defeat your rival, or whenever you’re attacked and manage to defend yourself successfully. When you attack (and win) you’ll also obtain medals, these medals can be used to redeem materials, boosts and even Legendary fighters from the PvP Machine!

It’s extremely important that you have a good defense team in your Battleground. This team will be the one that’ll fight against those who attack you. In order to edit your defense team you need to press the “My Battleground” button.

[Image: PVreSPyl.png]

Press the pencil to edit your Battleground. After you finish editing, you can test out the power of your Battleground by pressing the “TEST” button. This battle won’t consume stamina or PvP credits. You can also check your defenders’ stats by tapping on them:

[Image: xgScvg8l.png]

As you level up, you’ll unlock more levels for you Battleground. The defenders you put on your “Boss Stage” (topmost stage) will receive a 10% bonus to their stats for every stage there’s below them. Make the most of this bonus to create a powerful Battleground!

The next button on the PvP menu is “Boosts”. Boosts will be available as from level 60; they are potions that will allow you to raise the stats of the defenders of the stage you use them on. Bear in mind that boosts have expire after some time, (you can have 12, 24 and 48 hour boosts) and can be stacked to get a maximum bonus of 50% extra stats.

We’ll now talk about the “Defenders button”. This is the place where you’ll be able to manage your defenders, add new ones and level them up.

[Image: HrEmNGul.png]

On the image above you can see the fighters that are on my Battleground. In order to add more defenders to your Battleground, press the red “+” button, doing so will take you to the following screen:

[Image: HrneB9Al.png]

To add a defender to your Battleground, you’ll have to sacrifice one of your fighters from your Fighters Vault. Once you sacrifice a fighter and turn it into a defender you won’t be able to return it to your Vault nor sell it. Choose the fighter you wish to turn into a defender and you’ll be able to see its new stats:

[Image: BeAkqQWl.png]

Warning! It doesn’t matter what level your fighter is in your Vault, once you turn it into a defender it will return to level 1.

In order to level up your defenders you need to press the button with a star. Keep in mind that you can only use exact copies of this fighter or specific level up material, the chameleons, which need to be of the same color of the defender you wish to level up. As you can see below, defenders that can’t be leveled up are grayed.

[Image: k4ZjUgHl.png]

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