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Energy Gems in PvP
Hello, all! PvP... There is a serious Energy issue in PvP. Something needs to be done about the initial Gem draw for PvP battles. Far too many times have I been dealt insufficient Energy on turn 1 in PvP - less than 3, often 0-1. If less than 3 Energy Gems are given to the payer in PvP on turn 1, it is an auto-loss. & that is unfair & quite ridiculous. & I'm sick of it... The random nature of the game's Gem configuration is expected to be frustrating at times, but this is outrageous. I can understand getting a crappy draw on turn 1 every once in while, but recently it has been happening to me ALL THE TIME. Its more than simple bad luck, it's been happening to me almost every day. Others have also told me that they are seeing similar Energy issues. It really upsets me because PvP battles & teams demand Energy, & without it on turn 1, it's Game Over for nearly every team out there. No mater how powerful & intelligent a team build is, or how strong a battleground is, insufficient Energy on turn 1 is an auto loss. I have many Fighters & have used several different PvP teams that are quite effetive, however, crap Energy on turn 1 kills them all. There are very few teams that survive poor Energy draws...

I'm in Champions League, & nearly all Battlegrounds have a massive heavy-hitter on stage 1 that attacks every turn, such as Shadow Dragon, Hera, Zeus, Envy, a Chinese God, or an Island Lord. With less than 3 Energy Gems on turn 1, any of these defenders can easily defeat a player, & they don't even need to be fully leveled to do so. They may not always be capable of a one-hit-kill, but two hits does the trick just as well when there is no Energy to heal or protect or stun or guard or anything - the player is paralyzed. There is nothing to do against poor Energy. The ONLY teams that are able to survive a turn 1 Energy Crisis are high-defence teams, likely involving 2 Manticores, 2 Phoenix, or the like. Sometimes Minotaur teams. These teams are the only teams that survive. & as we have seen with the Egyptian Gods, forcing a certain meta is NOT good.

Something needs to be done about the Energy draw for PvP. It seems to have gotten far worse recently than it has ever been. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I don't agree that it has gotten worse recently, I almost always get those 4-5 gems I need to start up. Don't know, maybe champions league has some sort of toughening stuff up, but still, this happening more often than not doesn't seem to be just bad rng.
(07-30-2016, 12:57 PM)IRQ Wrote:  I don't agree that it has gotten worse recently, I almost always get those 4-5 gems I need to start up. Don't know, maybe champions league has some sort of toughening stuff up, but still, this happening more often than not doesn't seem to be just bad rng.

Agree, maybe RNG is being more strict in Titanium League & onwards, or RNG levels are flat and Quinn is just having bad luck. Suffice to say, the game pretty much depends on RNG, while defenses give no opening whatsoever.
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energy shortage on turn one happens to me often also (0-2 energy blocks).
This happened to me Yesterday once & again this morning... It's almost an everyday occurrence for me. My PvP losses have skyrocketed because of poor Energy on turn 1. I was winning nearly every singe offence, but now I am losing more & more. I lose enough Defensive matches, I don't need the stress of losing Offensive games too because of something silly like a poor Gem draw.
Angry This has happened to me twice now today!!!!! TWICE! What is going on!? This is outrageous! This should not be happening!... Something is not right. I cannot believe that this is simply bad luck on my part - it is happening far too often. Something has to be done. I will not continue to play PvP if this persists. I cannot stress this issue enough. Poor Energy in PvP on turn 1 needs addressed.
I hate to keep bringing this up but... WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!??! I've played three PvP games today so far & two out of those three games I was dealt less than three Energy Gems. If nothing is done about this, I'm finished with PvP altogether. I'm serious. I love this game & I have put a lot of time & effort & not to mention money into this game, but I'm sick of this Energy nonsense in PvP. If I lose a PvP match I want it to be because of the battleground's design, not because of poor RNG on the Energy draw!
I just have to say that, if Quinn is complaining, it MUST be bad. She's got one of the most positive outlooks of anyone I have met in this game.
We'll look into this
The chances a random starting board would have less than 3 energy gems (or less than 3 of any kind of gems, for that matter) is about 11%. This was always like this, and it's the same in all leagues. It means that if you play 10 battles a day, it's likely to happen to you every day.
I do agree it sucks when this happens, so we'll see if we can think of a solution.

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