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Pride's Weight
Hello, all! Quinn here. I just wanted to talk about Pride on teams & how her Weight can be an issue...

I've recently purchased Pride from the PvP Machine & I really enjoy her - she has some very cool Captain capabilities & can be a decent healer as a general team member. However, with new bi-colours available now, team weight limits limit the use of Pride, & Envy, but I'm not worried about him right now, since he is really only good as a Captain. Pride can be a very cool Fighter, & Envy can as well (though I much prefer Pride), but I believe their Weight is a little too high & makes them less generally usable. I've tried using Pride as a healer on a few of my teams to make my team stronger, but I have to sacrifice other Fighters to be able to make room for her & that actually weakens my team, so I can't really use her right now in any effective way as a team healer. If I want to use Pride, I have to build a team around her, rather than build her into a team.

Pride is still an awesome, & potent, Fighter, but I think her current Weight is an inaccurate estimation of her power. She already costs a crazy amount of points to buy, & she takes forever to level up & its quite expensive to do so. I think 50 Weight is a little too high. I feel like 40 or even 45 would be more accurate.

What do you think?
I don't have her yet but her weight is very high even considering her power. All the new pvp fighters have high weights as well.

Sure these fighters are essentially gaurenteed to every player that wants them, but the effort that goes into getting them is thousands of battles and countless hours of fighting through battlegrounds. Their utility and power should reflect that.

The pvp rewards are essentially the draw that keeps player invested in the game month after month. Right now, the new guys feel like the devs don't feel pvp effort is all that valuable and the rewards are only a minor grade above the biweekly island legendaries.
I find the newly added PvP Fighters (Legendary Nian, Chimera, & Basilisk) quite interesting. Their Captain Skills are how the Hindu Gods should have been designed. The Hindu Gods require ALL Fighters on the Team to be of one Kind, while the New Kingdom Fighters simply boost all Fighters of their Kind. The Hindu Gods disallow versatile team builds, as many Fighters of a Kind are usually very similar - Healers heal & Beasts offer attacking power. The most versatile & easiest class to work with would be either the Focus or Protector Kind. Focus Fighters provide Gem conversion, attack boost, & even healing - all three are essential for team builds. Protectors have the Monks for Gem conversion & the Archangels for Gem re-roll. A team of all Beasts, or a team of all Healers, just doesn't really work very well.

The new Kingdom Fighters offer something that the Hindu Gods do not, & that is team versatility as a Captain. With the new PvP Fighters you are not limited to one Kind of Fighter, but the more of one Kind you have, the more potent will be your power.

Their Weight is high. Nian might be fine, but the other two could to be too high. I don't have any of them, nor have I used any of the yet, so I can't really judge them fairly at this time. Nian is my number 1 pick of the three, as the 50% damage reduction is spectacular! The other two have unspectacular Active Skills that seem to cost far too much Energy to use (if the Wiki is correct).

A lot of time & effort goes into PvP & the rewards should be worth it. Leonidas, Ogre, Phoenix, Manticore, Gryphon, & Nian all seem like pretty good prizes. I have Leonidas, Phoenix, & Pride. Leonidas is great, & Phoenix is great too, though I can't seem to build an effective Phoenix team without an Erigs to boost attack. I love Pride as well, but I just can't really use her for her Weight.

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