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Update 2016-08-05 (Bicolor Egyptians)
Update 2016-08-05
  • Added bicolor evolution for Egyptian fighters
  • Rebalanced Egyptian's Boss Skill from 50% damage extra hit to 30% - Added the 50% damage skill to their bicolor evolution
  • Rebalanced Egyptian's Active Skill 'Pilar', it now converts up to 9 gems in it's regular evolution and 12 gems in their bicolor evolution
  • Added a new biweekly island: The Tower! - The first one available this Monday
the new biweekly island is exciting but the bicolor for the Egyptians is another sugar coated nerf. Their active skill consumed the energy in their converted columns but the payoff was a useful column of gems. Now there's a huge cost increase for less reward.

It's hard to be excited for bicolors when they usually come with a nerf to the 6crown form and the seven crown is too energy intensive.

I'm fairly certain you're going to be dodging some rotten tomatoes for nerfing the defender skill as well. The bicolor getting the same skill does no benefit to the people that have them already in pvp. Duck and cover Alex.
Joy, unless they introduce a way to evolve PvP defenders...a feature that would cause dancing in the streets the world over!
That would make a lot of people happy. I don't have any strong feelings on the pvp aspect of the game. I just remember the firestorm that followed every other change to the Egyptians in defense.
"Please pay us money so you can get awesome PvP defenders. Be sure to spend tons of chameleons to get them leveled up!"

"Oh and now that you've done that, we're going to take away the current form of your defender and lock it to people who are paying us money to get new PvP defenders."

Jeez your marketing team needs some work. The fair thing to do when making this kind of change is to convert existing defenders to their more evolved form. Instead, you make a move that can literally only be interpreted as disgusting money grubbing.

[Image: 80?cb=20160421145419]
Current Captain: War Holy Limtel (#609)
ID: 844.442.390

What a disaster have you done! Anytime I think "they can't do worse than this", you do your best to disprove me. Well done!

ID: 419.531.008
Add me!
I mean it's not like there's anything really new or exciting going on as far as defense is concerned. You literally took stuff away from defenders that people had already paid for and gave it to new defenders that you're requiring people to pay for.

The more I think about it the angrier I get.

Make this right. Right now. Either upgrade people's defenders for them for free or implement a mechanic to evolve defenders.
[Image: 80?cb=20160421145419]
Current Captain: War Holy Limtel (#609)
ID: 844.442.390

Total need months for get a good legendary..then you need months for get all chamaleonts..and then what? You can do nothing cause it will become useless thanks to bicolor evolution cannot evolve characters in you must get another all tons of chamaleonts again...and you must hope that with update they will not be nerfed...please stop kidding players
First, let me say that I am happy to see the Egyptian Gods obtain a bi-colour form. Their Captain Skills did not really become any stronger, except for Osiris, but their stats did, & now that they are bi-colour, they are now available to different team builds. I am particularly pleased to see the new Isis! Now that Isis is a bi-colour Red+Yellow Fighter, her Captain Skill is now much much better & it is easier to activate, making her an awesome Fighter. Very excited for her! Thanks! I don't mind their Active Skills getting nerf'd so much, but I'm very happy that their Captain Skills did not change, they are good where they are.

However, the PvP side of this upgrade is... less than exciting... The Egytian Gods have been trouble in PvP from the start. They have been changed & nerf'd many times now. Extra Hit is now a hit at 30% strength that may or may not ever trigger. Even if it does trigger, its not that great. At 50% is was at least useful, since it is activated randomly. At 30%... That is not very scary. Egyptians are now even worse PvP Bosses than they were. & the bo-colours are simply taking their place, they are not any stronger. The current form was nerf'd rather than the new form being more powerful or useful. They are barely, just barely, better than the Legendary Dragons.

I think the idea of bi-colours should be to make their new forms more appealing & more powerful than their previous forms, not to nerf their previous forms just to bump their old form up to a new evo. The Greek Gods are a good example of what bi-colour Fighters should be - they became much more powerful & desirable, without their previous forms suffering. This is especially frustrating for PvP Defence because of all the time, effort, & Materials it takes to make a Defender usable. It takes forever to collect enough Chameleons to level up a Defender - players dedicate many hours & a rediculous amount of Stamina collecting level-up material for PvP Defence, & in the case of the Egyptians (a very popular PvP Boss), all of that time & energy & effort seems quite wasted. Now, we have to start from scratch again if we want to use an Egyptian God in PvP, & the end reward is nothing more powerful than what we had before. Though their Attack Power did increase by about 4.000, which translates to a good amount of power when considering boosts & stage boost.

What I would have preferred to see in this case was...
The 6-Crown Egyptians retain their 50% Extra Hit. The new 7-Crown bi-colour Egyptians also have 50% Extra Hit, but they also gain a really cool PvP Skill as well.
The idea is to keep the old Egyptians where they were & still viable in Defence, but make their new forms better & more desirable.

I am pleased with the new forms of the Egyptian Gods as Fighters; however, I am not pleased with their PvP alterations.

(P.S. super excited to see the new Tower Island!!!!)
Yes exactly! Nearly every bicolor evolution has been accompanied by something unpleasant being done to the original!
Mythicals had their 6 crown captain skills reduced and given to the seven crown, monks had energy cost increased, Angels lost their dual attack boost and now Egyptians lost half their skill and got an ugly cost hike.

I like the monks, the archangels I can't use in bicolor but I think it was done well and the trade off was balanced. But taking the skill from 6 crown mythicals was ugly and the downgrade to the Egyptians is uglier yet.
There's no reason to take things away from other evolutions. The players will be happier if the upgrade is just in increased stats.

***We don't enjoy having our fighters decreased to make the higher evolution look even more powerful.****

I'm at the point where I dread bicolor forms. Will the elementals see their third energy hike when they go bicolor?!?

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