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New fighter suggestions: Daemons
Sold! Here are my Diamonds: DiamondDiamondDiamondDiamondDiamond  Wink
Congratulations, Joy! Friend Points PvP offensive battles are about to become much more... peaceful Angel

Egyptian Gods II

I hope there will be a Fest soon!
Sadly the new Egyptian fighters really missed the mark. All but one have pvp unfriendly captain skills and the sleep skill is so expensive it is unlikely to save you on the initial stage anyways.
If I were to rank the new Egyptian Fighters...

1. Horus
2. Bastet
3. Khnum
4. Toth
??? Khepri ???

A quick analysis...

I will compare Horus to Athene. So long as your Energy is full, you will get 50% damage reduction. This, coupled with the ability to start battles with full Energy, is wonderful for PvP. In the event you are dealt poor Energy Gems (don't even get me started), this Skill will allow you to survive a few hits, giving you the opportunity to match gems until some Energy Gems finally fall down. Athene requires your Life to full to get her damage reduction. That means that an attacking enemy can break this by multi-attacking. Athene is also vulnerable to poor healing options. Horus does not have these weaknesses. However, Horus is very weak against Energy Hit attacks.
Horus will favour Co-captains that boost Energy Generation. You will need to keep your Energy maxed out each turn to gain his DR.

Bastet is similar to Beowulf & Jiravin. She will give all Purple Fighters a boost to attack depending on how much Energy you spend in the turn. Like, Horus, Bastet will favour Co-captains that boost Energy Generation. Bastet requires the player to spend Energy, & spend a lot of it, all at once. When using Bastet, choosing your other Fighters with care is paramount. You will need to take all Active Skills into account & measure their costs. You will need to use a few Skills each turn to spend enough Energy to activate Bastet's attack boost. Choose your team members wisely.

Khnum is very much like Steam Buster. He has a somewhat similar purpose to Horus - buying time in stage 1. Khnum will also favour Energy boosting Fighters, but Defence boosting Fighters will also greatly benefit a Khnum team, as it will reduce the damage received by enemies, thus reducing the amount of Energy that is drained.

I don't have much to say about Toth, unfortunately. His Captain Skill is somewhat underwhelming compared to his peers. Each time the player uses an Active Skill, Toth will deal an attack at 6x attack power to an enemy. Fulled maxed out & leveled, is only going to be 8616 damage each time an Active Skill is used. When fighting PvP enemies with well over 1mil Life, 8.000 damage is nothing, & many times will not even break that Defender's shield... It's like throwing darts at a castle wall.

Lastly, we have Khepri. I have not used Khepri, & I cannot accurately judge his Captain Skill without having used him first. There is still some confusion surrounding how his Captain Skill works, & when the Energy levels are taken into consideration.

The main purpose of these Fighters is the benefit of starting battles with a fully charged Energy bar. This is a huge benefit all on it's own, considering the Energy drop rates & the power of Stage 1 PvP Defenders. starting a battle with full Energy gives the player the advantage of being able to use Active Skills on the first turn. This means that the player can stun an enemy on the first turn, or use a damage reduction Skill, or convert gems, anything! It will allow the player to gain the upperhand over their enemy.

Dream Heal, their Active Skill, is very expensive (7200). Sleep is not overly useful. The biggest issue with Sleep is that it is too easy to accidentally break it. It is effectively useless for multi-colour teams. In my opinion, Sleep Skills in general are too expensive. However, Dream Heal will allow the player to passively heal for a few turns, which can be nice. You can put an enemy to Sleep & match no gems, to wait & heal for a little while. It can prove useful, but it's not game-changing by any means. Though it is a great concept! I must say that. Though I am afraid that it looks much better on paper than it does in action.

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