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Best Hindu Gods Teams?
Hello, all! Quinn here. Lately I've been investing a lot of thought in the Hindu Gods (follow the link to find the Hindu Gods) & their best team builds. I've come up with a few Hindu God teams that I would like to put out there; & I would like to gather the community's thoughts on these builds. Also, if you have suggestions on a Hindu God team that you have tried (or theorized), please post your ideas here!

I would consider the Hindu Gods to be less than great Fighters. They give pretty good bonuses to the team, but only if the team is made of one particular Kind, such as Healer, Focus, or Beast. If a single Fight on the team is not of the same Kind, there will be no bonus. Building a well-rounded team using just one Kind can be very difficult, as each Kind of Fighter is designed to offer a certain type of Skill. A well-rounded team is built using multiple Kinds of Fighters, for a diverse Skill set that will allow the player to handle many different challenges, such as a PvP battleground. A team that only provides one type of Skill, could encounter issues when faced with certain challenges.

Here is an attempt to create some feasible Hindu God teams:

Brahma, Lord of Speech

Brahma's Captain Skill offer 3x Attack & Defence if all team members are Focus Kind. Brahma is perhaps the best of the Hindu Gods, & the easiest to work with, as Focus Fighters can be quite diverse on their own.

The Team:
Brahma (Cap) + Salamander + Erigs + Julius Caesar + Lord of Ashes + Brahma (Co-cap)

Using two Brahmas as Captains will provide the team with amazing Attack & Defence boosts. Salamander will convert gems to Red; Erigs to boost attack even more; Caesar to upgrade Red Tiles to Healing; & LoA to convert enemies. This mono-red Brahma team is quite effective.

Alternatively, LoA can be replaced by a second Erigs, or even a Leonidas or Legendary Ogre for attack boost. Or, another option, could be to use one Brahma as Captain, & use Salamander as Co-captain, or even Leonidas. This same team build could be created using different colours of similar Fighters, such as Joan of Arc, Undine, & Kraken. You could also toss in the Green Santa for Stun if you so desire, but the stun will only work on Green Fighters.

The Legendary Chimera is also a very useful Fighter on this team & could act as the team's Co-captain. It has a great Captain Skill, as well as an attack boosting Active Skill.

Shiva, the Auspicious One

Shiva offers 3x Energy & Defence to a team constructed of all Healer Kind Fighters - this one is tricky! Healers really only do one thing: heal. This can make building an effective all-Healer team rather difficult. But I will give it a try!

The Team:
Shiva (Cap) + X-Mas Reindeer + Osiris (bi-colour) + Demeter (bi-colour) + Cronla (bi-colour) + Oraakkeli (Co-cap)


Shiva (Cap) + Kui Xing + Osiris (bi-colour) + Naga (bi-colour) + Limtel (bi-colour) + Wiglaf (Co-captain)

This team is not great, but it could work. The Reindeer offers an Active Skills that boosts the attack of all Healers by 2x; Osirus can change some Gems to Green, Demeter is there for strength & cheap healing; Cronla is there for stats & protection barrier; & Oraakkeli is there to act as an attack boosting Captain. Since Shiva does not offer attack boost, Oraakkeli is probably the best Co-captain choice (or Wiglaf! Wiglaf is great!), though you could use 2 Shivas for the job, attack power just would not be very strong.

Alternatively, players players could opt for a mostly Red or Blue team & use either Lust or Naga for Gem conversion. Lust could also be a useful Shiva team Co-captain! & the Easter Swan can be used to provide the team with a stunner. Also, if you do not have a Reindeer, Kui Xing could be used as an excellent replacement, just be sure you can achieve the combo requirement to use his Active Skill. He would work very well on a Blue Shiva team.

Kali, Goddess of Time

Kali, like Shiva, is a little hard to work with (probably the most difficult), as Beasts are very much alike.

The Team:
Kali (Cap) + Shadow Dragon + Banzai (bi-colour) + Night Sarek + Xoniac + Manticore (Co-cap)


Kali (Cap) + Banzai (bi-colour) + Night Wencar + Warewolf + Basilisk (or perhaps Green Dragon) + Growler (Co-cap)

The fist team could also be created using the Green equivalents with a Gryphon Co-cap or the Red Fighters with Phoenix. I prefer the idea of using Kali with a Legendary Kingdom Fighter (Manticore, etc.) because Kali does not boost Energy, but the Kingdom Fighters do. However, Energy will be less important to a Kali team, so two Kali Captains could work very well together.

On this team, Dragons can be used to Convert tiles; Humanoids can be used to reshuffle tiles; the Nightgaunt Fighters can act as healers; & Xoniac is in there because he is kind of cool with his Active Skill. Grendel could also be used in place of Xoniac. The only issue with Grendel is, his Counter Attack Active Skill is based on damage received, & with the Defeence boost from Kali (or Manticore, etc.) the damage you receive will be low, & so the damage that Grendel will deal will be low.

On the secondary team, Growler can be used as a total Gem converter & also an attack booster, if you can pull off that huge combo. This method is less reliable.

Another option available to Kali, is using both a Grendel & Grendel's Mother on the team, one on the team & one as Co-captain.

Imps could also be tossed in for a stun, as well as Medusa.

Ganesha, God of New Beginnings

Ganesha offers 3x attack & defence if all team members are Protector Kind, plus Energy gems build a protection barrier. Protectors can be hard to work with as well.

The team:
Ganesha (Cap) + Michael (bi-colour or no; or Zadkiel) + Tashi (bi-colour; or Dawa) + Athene + Crystal Colossus + Hotu Matu'a (Co-cap)

On this team, an Archangel can be used for Gem re-roll as well as their healing Random Skill; a Monk is used for gem conversion as well as healing; Athene can be used as a damage reducer; & Crystal is there for an additional Blue Fighter; & then Hotu Matu'a is used as Co-captain (like Oraakkeli for Shiva) to boost attack. Now, a second Ganesha could be used as Co-captain just as well, as he provides Attack boost & Defence boost.

The Halloween Mummy could be added for Sleep. Other effective Co-captains could include: Michael, Odin, Willowspine, Minotaur, Cyclops, Crystal Colossus, Legendary Nian.

Vishnu, the Preserver

Vishnu gives 2.5x Attack, Defence, & Energy if all Fighters on the team are Rebels. Rebels make up a big pool of Fighters to chose from, & some can offer a variety of Skills.

The team:
Vishnu (Cap) + Xi Wangmu + Thor + Ra (bi-colour) + William Wallace + Vishnu (Co-captain)

On this team build, Xi Mangmu is used to boost attack, Thor for damage reduction if needed; Ra to convert some Gems; William Wallace to upgrade Gems to healing, & for his Steal Soul Random Skill; & top it off with another Vishnu as Co-captain. You could add Zeus in there for Gem re-roll if you wanted to do so.

Other Co-captain possibilities are William Wallace, Ares, or Hydra. The Purple Djinn can be added to this team, as well as Yama, either as a Co-captain or as a team member for converting Gems - Hel can also be used for Gem conversion. The Halloween Scarecrow can be added to the team for stun.


*Whew* That took more time than I expected! But I finally finished it! I hope this helps some players to build an effective Hindu God team. It can be hard to build one, especially considering that it can take some pretty specific Fighters to make it work, & collecting those Fighters can be difficult, & you need luck in Rare Machine.

Let me know what you think of these Hindu God team builds! Please!

& if you have Hindu God team builds that you would like to share, please post them below!

Thanks for reading! I appreciate your time! Heart Angel Heart
Some fighters that you might consider are transmute frozen swan (healer), elemental vulture(beast), and Christmas Grinch .

I know they are seasonal but still more likely to turn up again than the nomads.
(08-12-2016, 03:33 AM)Joy Wrote:  Some fighters that you might consider are transmute frozen swan (healer), elemental vulture(beast), and Christmas Grinch .

I know they are seasonal but still more likely to turn up again than the nomads.

The Easter Vulture & Christmas Grinch would be great additions to a Kali team! They offer an Attack boosting Active Skill for all Fighters of their Kind - just like the Christmas Reindeer (Healer) does. Either one could be easily worked into a Kali Team:

Kali (Cap) + Elemental Dragon + Yun Zi (bi-colour) + Night Elodra + Easter Vulture + Phoenix (Co-cap)

Kali (Cap) + Shadow Dragon + Banzai (bi-colour) + Night Sarek + X-Mas Grinch + Manticore (Co-cap)

The Holiday Fighters can be easily forgotten & pushed to the side, but a few of them can be very valuable team members - players love using Scarecrow & Swan as stunners! For me personally, I don't have any of them (except for Love Lust & Circus Sun Wukong, if you want to count them). The only Halloween Fighter I was able to catch was the Mummy & I put him in PvP; & none of the Easter Birds appealed to me at the time, so I didn't even try to catch them - I just grabbed the Diamond & went on my way, haha. I had poor luck on the Christmas Island & didn't catch any of them.

When experimenting with team builds, do not discount the Holiday Fighters, they can be quite beneficial!
So, we have some good news for Kali! We now not only have the Nightgaunt Fighters to use on all-beast teams, but we now also have the Wyvern Fighters! The Nightgaunts can act as healers for Beast teams, & the Wyvern can be used as Gem converters - much better Gem converters than the Legendary Dragons. Also, the recently added Demons (Lucifer, Baal, etc.) are also Beasts, & their Active Skills boost attack, though it comes at the price of Life.

Here is a new Kali team build:

Kali (Cap) + Night Serek + Shadow Wyvern + Banzai (bi-colour) + Baal + Manticore (Co-cap)

This mono-colour Kali team may be the best one - both for PvP & Island play. You have quite a bit of Defence from the two Captains as well as awesome attack power & an Energy boost from Manticore. Sarek is there to act as healer, the Wyvern for Gem conversion, Banzai for a Gem re-roll, & Baal for an extra boost to attack.

For this team you could replace Baal with the X-Mas Grinch as an attack booster, but Baal will be stronger as well as more cost efficient, though Baal does drain Life. Grinch might be the safer choice, as Sarek is the only healer, & Baal will drain Life. When using the Demons Active Skills, it is wise to use it first, then use a heal to recover - so you will need to use both Skills in the same turn. Or, since you are already getting 3x attack from Kali & 2x attack from Maticore, you could completely drop Baal or Grinch & opt for a stunner, such as a Purple Imp or Medusa. Or, you could keep Baal & swap out Banzai for a stunner, depending on needs & playstyle.
Here is another experimental team build for the Rebel Vishnu:

Vishnu (Cap) + Yama (bi-colour or no) + Xi Wangmu (bi-colour) + Genghis Kahn + Scarecrow + Hydra (bi-colour) (Co-Cap)

For this Purple-Green team build, Vishnu is for an attack, defence, & energy boost, Hydra Co-Cap for damage boost, Xi Wangmu for even more attack power; Yama to convert all gems to Purple & Green; Genghis Kahn for healing; & Scarecrow for a stun. This team is geared mostly for raw attack power, but it relies on great combo'ing skills & luck.

Another option for this team could be swapping out the Hydra Co-captain for Canek, the Purple Native. The damage will not be quite as high, but it will be easier to pull off.

What do you think?
We have new icons if you wanna try them Elemental Shadow War Transmute Mech
(09-06-2016, 03:16 PM)Alex Wrote:  We have new icons if you wanna try them :icon_gameplay_elemental::icon_gameplay_shadow::icon_gameplay_war::icon_gameplay​_support::icon_gameplay_mech:

Oh, wow! That is awesome! I will definitely be making use of those! I love them! All of the game icons we need at our fingertips. Very nice! This will make things much simpler, & it looks great too! I'm very happy. Thanks for adding the new icons to the Forum, Alex! I can't wait to use them! Level MAXLegendaryGem Multicolor
God bless Alex! No more shall I write a ★, instead I shall write Crowns !

But still, thanks.
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