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Can't log in through FB
I keep getting error with my connection and to retry... it won't work. So I tried using an email and it works fine???? I need to get in through my FB account cause that's where my real game is at like I've spent a lot of time on this game what's the problem??? Can you please fix this
I am having the same problem
I'm having the same problem as well.
Me too
It just booted me through the email I was using and won't let me log in either way now ... this is bogus. Fix your app
My daughter is currently logged in but it's not showing her connected to Facebook and she can't do anything but stare at the islands. Clan, pvp, and pVE Windows log her out when opened.

It's probably some sort of server maintainence or bug fixes but the timing is unfortunate.
Same here, can't believe they don't even update on their facebook page to at least acknowledge the outtage.
Ok like seriously I was majorly upset when that 3 days outage occurred just after I'd dumped a bunch of my real world cash into my Skydoms account a few weeks ago now an even WORSE scenario & on MY DAMN BIRTHDAY OF ALL DAYS & AFTER IVE SPENT "EVEN MORE" $ ON THE ACCOUNT??? WHAT GIVES MAN IM STARTING TO GET REALLY UPSET & FEEL VERY DUPED!!! I mean seriously this time its missing from my apps/games list on my FB account! Where before it was just above Trivia Crack! Its been just over 5 hours already & that's a bad sign Cuz last time while it kept saying "connection Iost" etc to now it's being not functioning AND also somehow removed from my fb acct??? Is it possible that your servers are being hacked either from random hackers, competitors or even some disgruntled former insider? You people need to post "something/anything" and I mean let us know what's happening and at a bare minimum some kinda timeframe to get it back to functional! This crap is ruining my Birthday 2nd time in 2 weeks after spending my $ on a game app for some kinda enjoyment...that it my$ is taken with no problems, but after its been paid I then can't even play at all?? This is NOT right ease FIX THIS RIGHT AWAY

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