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Update 2016-08-25 (Bicolor Chinese)
Not breaking 5k shields means you are not dealing more than 5k damage per fighter. If you enjoy multicolor teams there are many fighters that will enhance your damage output so you can overcome shielding.

The Amazon's, pirates and humanoids are all good options. But they take skill to use which you may not have been developing with the Chinese counter attackers.
Poison Darts are great against frogs and most Evo materials. Poison Darts are not great when you are facing someone's PvP boss who has been pumped up with potions to 10K shield and 1.5 million HP. I mean with the right team you could eventually do it, but I don't want to grind away at a boss for 6 hours. The Chinese gods were great for a quick battle when you were stuck on hold. Now the hits just aren't big enough for something fast.

I also didn't hold out for a Bicolor Egyptian God for my PvP because I was getting slaughtered by poison Darts, I put him in there to exploit the one weakness the Chinese Gods gave.

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