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Wednesday Treasures Walkthrough
This guide is designed to help players with the Special Material Island Wednesday Treasures. The information below details what to expect from this Island, as well as ways to handle it, & some useful Fighter suggestions. I hope you find this information helpful! Thanks! Enjoy  Heart

Wednesday Treasures Walkthrough - Link: Wednesday Treasures Details & Map

Tier I – 1-Sword Difficulty

The Tier I level of Wednesday Treasures consists of 5 Stages (all levels of Wednesday Treasures have 5 Stages). The player will face a random selection of Ruined Chests on the first four Stages. In the final stage, however, the player will encounter two Safe Chests of the same colour; the colour of these Safe Chests depends on the pathway choices that the player has made.

Wednesday Treasures allows the player to choose which direction they take through the level when moving on to another stage. These pathway direction choices determine the School, or colour, of the final stage enemies.

When each stage is won, the player has the option of choosing to proceed wither Left or Right. The colour of the final enemies is determined by how many Left moves & how many Right moves the player chooses. There are five different outcomes based on the directions that are chosen. The order in which the choices are chosen does not mater, what matters is how many of each directions are chosen. For example: Left, Right, Left, Right will lead to the same enemies as going Right, Left, Right, Left, or Left, Left, Right, Right. Any combination of two Lefts & two Rights will lead to the same end.

The pathway choices & end results are as follows:

LLLL = Red
LLLR = Yellow
LLRR = Purple
LRRR = Blue
RRRR = Green

Tier I enemies statistics:

Ruined Chests have 100 Life & 50 Shield
Safe Chests have 3000 Life & 1000 Shield

Tier I of Wednesday Treasures is fairly easy if the player uses the right team & Fighters. Without any special Fighters, all the player needs to be able to do for Tier I is have a Fighter that can deal over 1000 damage in one hit. This will allow the player to break through the Shield of the Safe Chest & defeat them. If the player uses any attack boosting Captain on their team, such as the Starters (Trixie, Brook, Stritch, Margot), Witches (Rina, Zikki, Yula, etc.), Amazons (Aella, Lykpis, etc.), or any of the Legendary attack boosters out there, they should have little difficulty defeating this level.

Players may also use Fighters with damage dealing Active Skills to break through enemy Armour. As long as the damage is higher than the enemy’s Shield, it will deal damage to that monster. Players may also choose to use Fighters who can pierce through enemy Armour such as the Sharpshooters. Another option available is using Fighters with the ability to Poison enemies, such as Hydra, Hades, or even the Duo Tiki. If the player has an Anubis or Hel, or has a Friend Captain as the Fighters, this level will be quite easy.

Tier II – 2-Sword Difficulty

Tier II of Wednesday Treasures is little more Challenging than Tier I. New enemies are introduced in this Level. The same basic strategy of Tier I also applies to Tier II: attack boosting Captains are useful, as well as Fighters who can break or ignore Armour, deal Poison, or deal damage exceeding enemy Shield. Again, Anubis or Hel can make this stage fast & simple.

The pathway direction choices are the same as in Tier I, however the enemies in the final stage are different.

Tier II enemies include Ruined Chests & Safe Chests of random colours in stages 1-4. In stage 5 the player will encounter one Marbled Jewelry Chest & two Jewelry Chests. Jewelry Chests come in all colours, but the Marbled Jewelry Chest is always Yellow (Mech). In Tier II of Wednesday Treasures, a Marbled Jewelry Chest will always appear on the last stage, regardless of which pathways the player chooses; however, the two Jewelry Chests accompanying the Marbled Chest will be of the same colour but will differ based on the directions that the player chooses. For example: if the player chooses LLLL, they will encounter 1 Marbled Chest & 2 Red Jewelry Chests.

Tier II Enemy Statistics:

Ruined Chests have 100 Life & 50 Shield
Safe Chests have 3000 Life & 1000 Shield
Jewelry Chests have 10.000 Life & 2000 Shield
Marbled Jewelry Chest has 25.000 Life & 3000 Shield

There are several Fighters that the player can use to defeat this stage. Sharpshooters will be very helpful for dealing damage that can penetrate enemy Shield. Also, using a Captain Anubis or Hel can work quite well, as they will allow your Fighters’ attacks to ignore up to 100.000 of enemy Shield. Poison is also another method available. Or just using a high attack team using attack-boosting Captains.

Some particularly helpful Fighters include:

Sharpshooters (Active Skill)
Sagittarius (Active Skill)
Poseidon (Active Skill)
Natives (Active Skill)
Anubis (Captain Skill)
Hel (Captain Skill)
Wrath (Active Skill)
Hera (Active Skill)
Kali (Active Skill)
Duo Tiki (Active Skill)
Spectres (Active Skill)
Easter Raven (Active Skill)
& many others

Tier III – 3-Sword Difficulty

Tier III of Wednesday Treasures can be quite Challenging! This level of Treasures introduces final stage bosses with very high Shield & Skills. It can be a task, but it can be done.

Enemies in stages 1-4 are randomly coloured Ruined Chests, Safe Chests, & Jewelry Chests. In the final stage the player will encounter three Luxury Chests. Two of these Luxury Chests will be of the same colour, but the third one will be different. The colours of the Luxury Chests depends on the pathways that the player chooses. The pathway results for Tier III differ from that of the previous two Tiers.

The pathway choices & end results are as follows:

LLLL = 1 Red + 2 Green
LLLR = 1 Green + 2 Purple
LLRR = 1 Purple + 2 Blue
LRRR = 1 Blue + 2 Yellow
RRRR = 1 Yellow + 2 Red

All of the Monsters have the same drop chance. So, if the player is searching for a specific Chest, they should select the appropriate pathways. If a player chooses LLLL, it will be more likely that they will acquire a Green Luxury Chest than the Red Luxury Chest.

Tier III Enemy statistics:

Ruined Chests have 100 Life & 50 Shield
Safe Chests have 3000 Life & 1000 Shield
Jewelry Chests have 10.000 Life & 2000 Shield
Luxury Chests have 3000 Life & 150.000 Shield

The boss stage Luxury Chests a very well armoured at 150.000 Shield! However, they only have 3000 Life, making them easy to kill if you can pierce their Shield. If the Armour weren’t enough, the Luxury Chests also have a Skill that they can use. Luxury Chests can convert all Energy Tiles into Gems of their own colour (a Purple Luxury Chest can convert all Energy Tiles to Shadow Tiles).

To pierce through the high Armour of the Luxury Chests, the player will need to use certain Fighters on their team. Helpful Fighters for this stage will be Fighters who can ignore or reduce enemy Shield; inflict poison; or accumulate massive amounts of damage (higher than 150.000 damage). This stage can be won by using two attack-boosting Captains such as Natives, but the total attack value must be greater than the enemy shield, otherwise the attack will be ineffective. I suggest using Fighters that can penetrate enemy Shield, or completely ignore the Shield. If these Fighters are unavailable to the player, Fighters with the ability to Poison can also be used. Poison is generally rather weak, but since the Luxury Chests have such low Life, Poison is an option.

Fighters that will be useful for Tier III are listed below:

Odin (Active Skill ignores all of all enemies’ Shield for 1 turn)
Cancer (Active Skill ignores all of 1 enemy’s Shield for 1 turn)
Minotaur (Active Skill ignores all of all enemies’ Shield for 1 turn)
Torikahn (Active Skill ignores all of all enemies’ Shield for 2 turn)
Hades (Active Skill Poison)
Hydra (Active Skill Poison)
Beowulf (Active Skill attack that penetrates 200.000 of enemy Shield)
Brahma (Active Skill reduces enemy Shield)
Xoniac (Captain Skill can deal damage ignoring enemy Shield)

Duo Tiki (Active Skill Poison)
Spectres (Active Skill Posion)
Orcs (Active Skill reduces enemy shield)
Bi-colour Tendor (Active Skill attack that penetrates 150.000 of Enemy Shield)
Bi-colour Naurim (Active Skill attack that penetrates 150.000 of Enemy Shield)

Easter Raven (Active Skill Poison)
Halloween Frankenstein (Active Skill ignores all of all enemies’ Shield for 1 turn)
King Andy {Trivia Crack} (Active Skill Poison)


There are also many Fighters with the passive ability to pierce through enemy Armour. Fighters with the Random Skill of either "Piercing Hit" or "Snipe" will be capable of ignoring opponent Armour. When triggered, the attack of that Fighter will ignore enemy Shield. These Skills can be very useful, but since these Skills are triggered inconsistently & cannot be controlled (based on progression percentage) they are not a reliable strategy. I do not recommend trusting your ability to pierce through enemy Shield to a single "Snipe" user.


I hope that covers it! If you have additional questions or are unsure about something, please do not hesitate to post your question!

If you believe that some of this information is incorrect or inaccurate, please let me know! Also, if you feel that some information is missing or something should be added, post it below.

Thanks you for reading. I appreciate your time. Thank you!  Heart
You don't even need Armor reduction for Stage 2. Just hit harder with absurdly strong Modifier skills.

Also, welcome to the rather quiet "Walkthroughs" section of the Forums!
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