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So i've tried doing the math but can't for the life of me make it add up so i hope someone else has an understanding of this.
For the sake of ease i have removed bi colour fighter to make it as basic as possible, all are shadow fighters.
with no shield multipliers shield value is 7597 and shield percentage is 29%
against zeus an attack of 36897 was reduced to 26261 and against envy was attack of 33000 reduced to 23488 so it's round about 29% damage reduction
But then with both captains having 2x shield for shadow fighters the total shield equals 7616 at 29% including co captain.
in a battleground test an attack of 33000 results in damage of 11789? something like 64.5% damage reduction.
so then by swapping captain position giving 2x shield at 29% results in 33000 results in 17608 is about 46.5%
the difference being 5819 (the difference between 2x and no shield is had a different co captain with less shield but still registered at 29%) so i'm struggling to make sense of it all, maybe i'm being blonde but if anyone else can figure out these ramblings then shed some light please
More points you have in DEF, better your damage reduction will be. Attack reduction doesn't take the base value directly, rather the reduction percentage. Higher your DEF is, more of the damage in percentage will be reduced. (The explanation was a bit redundant, oh well)

Simply put, your DEF points increase your damage reduction percentage, which, in turn, reduces damage from any source, regardless of hit strength.
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do you know how the percentage is calculated? because 1 fighter with 1000 shield gives 5% but as afore mentioned 7616 gives only 29%?
You might be getting confused by the pre-battle statistics page. Just before you enter a battle, you may view your team. It lists your two Captains' Captain Skills, as well as your entire team's Attack, Defence, & Energy generation stats. However, when using Captains who boost Attack, Defence, or Energy, those statistics will not actually be affected on the pre-battle stats page. Even though your Captains boost Defence, that boost will not be factored in until you actually start the battle. That is why you are seeing a low percentage even when using Defence-boosting Captains. The pre-battle statistics page basically just adds up the stats of each Fighter on your team & gives you the totals, before any Skills are figured.

(Please correct me if I am wrong on this!)
That's correct, stat multipliers are not shown on the pre-battle screen.
i'm aware of this, i'm guessing you couldn't understand my query as the multiplier question refers only to how it correlates in battle and the percentage question being soley on how it correlates to the fighters stats prior to any multiplier

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