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Mythicals Round 2! (New Fighters Suggestion)
(09-16-2016, 03:21 PM)Alex Wrote:  Our Naga was based on a Siren, so we won't be doing a new one for now! I really like Pegasus but maybe he deserves his own saga. Cerberus and Sphinx on the other hand...

Nagas are actually divided into sub-species. Take my word for it. Internet can get VERY dark sometimes. Sirens too. They don't exclusively have to resemble Merfolk (a la Majestic Naga). That being said, a second Siren would be great... for a Karaoke Contest! Big Grin

Cerberus is Hades' watchdog for Erebus. He IS in Hades' Fighter info screen. But he deserves an individual Fighter spot as well.
ded gaem, etermax disband
Lineup (Red): Atahualpa, Grimer, Annlis (6★), Fenris, Salamander (5★)
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(09-15-2016, 09:47 PM)GeorgeST Wrote:  Hi Quinn, Smile I like this fighters idea but I have some problems... :/

Pegasus is cool!

Arachne... I don't like it... you see...
Hermes' Captain Skill: 3x Attack and 2x Active Skill for shadow fighters & survive any attack only 1 time.
Arachne's Captain Skill: 2x Attack & 2x Active Skill & purple attacks ignore all of enemy Defense  on combos of 8 or higher. (I know this skill let you use a multicolor team but anyway, I prefer use Hermes with a monocolor team).
Arachne seems not useful... I won't use it. (sorry)
I think you must change the captain skill. What do you say?

I really like Cerberus but I don't think you can use it with a good team. You see, Hades is purple and blue, I can't think a team where you like use Cerberus + Hades and make a strong team, I don't like it...
I think you need change Cerberus to purple, and make Arachne red, maybe... :/
I like the idea of use Hades in the team but I don't find useful the combination "Leader Red and Hades Purple/Blue"... :/
I don't know what you think about it.

Active Skills of Pegasus, Cerberus and Arachne are really cool! I love them Smile

I love the Siren <3 I picture her in my mind and I love her right now jaja Smile but I'm not sure about the active skill.
I read "Charm All" and I imagine other thing, like "convert 1 column to healing" (or disintegrator) or something like that... I think sleep the enemy is not useful anymore... :/ I don't know what you say, let me kow Smile

Sphinx is perfect!! The cost of active skils is fair! Wink I like it

I will wait your answer! I like your ideas and your desire to make this game better and better! See you, my friend Smile

Hello! & thanks for the feedback, George! I'm glad like the Fighters!

The consensus seems to be that Arachne is just not that great. I can try to make some adjustments. I've been refraining from making her boosts too much, but perhaps they need to be much higher. I just don't picture her as being a great Island Captain or a PvP Captain, I see her as being a material collecting Captain. Similar in use as Hel. I would never use Hel as a PvP Captain, but I could use her for Evo Material all day long. But I'll see what can be done to make Arachne better.

You are probably right about Cerberus - I should make it Shadow rather than Elemental, that way it would fit with Hades better. I was caught up in the mental imagery of Cerberus being a fiery Hellhound & Arachne being a Spider-like Centaur creature, & the colour just ended up as they are. But I think that Cerberus & Arachne could easily be swapped Schools.

Sleep is not effective, it is too easy to accidentally wake up the enemy. The purpose of Siren was to use a Sleep Skill that CANNOT be broken until the turn limit is reached. It is intended to be a Stun that cannot be blocked by Stun-resist enemies.

Thanks again for your review! I really appreciate it! I will make some adjustments.

(09-16-2016, 03:21 PM)Alex Wrote:  Our Naga was based on a Siren, so we won't be doing a new one for now! I really like Pegasus but maybe he deserves his own saga. Cerberus and Sphinx on the other hand...

I can definitely see the inspiration behind Naga! I really enjoy the artwork behind Naga as well! I'm glad you like Pegasus! I think the beauty of Pegasus is the simplicity. I could picture an entire line of Legendary Fighters based on Pegasus - one Fighter of each colour! That would be cool. Cerberus & Sphinx are just begging you to create them, Alex! You know you like them... Smile
The Fighters have been updated again! This is quite the project. I'm enjoying these Fighters.

Arachne has been changed from Shadow to Elemental & her Evolved form now gives 2.5x Attack & Active Skill to ALL Fighters, in addition to her armour piercing.

Cerberus has been changed from Elemental to Shadow & his Evolved form now gives 3.5x Attack to all Shadow Fighters.


Hope you like the changes! Please leave any feedback you may have on these ideas below! Thank you!

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