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Rare machine question.
I'm a newbie. I was wondering where you can find out what the up coming rare machine theme will be, if anywhere. I glanced at the news section but did not see anything there, maybe I missed it. Smile
Hello! In general, no, there is nowhere to find out what Fighters will be featured in a Legendary 'Fest.' Fests are not usually formally announced until the day of the event in the daily in-game 'news'; however, there are a few ways to guess what Fighters will be in there.

If a new bi-colour form of a Fighter series is announced here on the Forum, it is very likely that there will be a Fest for that series on the week-end. Also, sometimes new Fighters are added to the Skydoms Wikia before they are announced on here - those Fighters added to the Wikia are also likely to be featured in a Fest upon their release. Usually whenever new Legendary Fighters are released, there will be a Fest for them.

The best way to find out what Fighters will be featured in a Fest is to just monitor the Forum & the Wiki pages - sometimes you will find hints as to what is on the horizon.
Thanks Quinn! Smile

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