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? About PVP
I have not made it to PVP yet however I was looking at my friends game who has. It became evident that they may have goofed up using all those low level "defenders" (not what they are called in normal game play) to level up their main fighters in the vault. I was about to do the same just to get rid of what seemed like junk...ha. Now I'm thinking maybe it's a better idea to save say your 35/35 bright bunnies or Mystical fairies for PVP. Is this correct? Also I have a few other ?s before I get to PVP that will help me make decisions before I get there. If any of you kind people would be so kind as to lend your advice I would be grateful. Smile
Watching my friend in PVP I noticed the active skills and captain skills go away. When building your battle ground if you don't know what your defenders do how do you know which ones you want to bring in?
Is it purely converted into a numbers thing when they get brought into your battlefield?
Can you bring in higher level "defenders" from your vault to your battlefield or can you only bring in low level say bunnies and then level them up once they are brought over?
Provided you can, are you better off leveling up your "defenders" in your vault before you bring them into PVP or are you better off leveling them up in your PVP battlefield mode.
Are fighters with captain skills considered the "fighters" and ones with only active and random skills considered "defenders"?
These may all be stupid questions and I may just have to get to PVP and not worry about goofing up before I get there. Big Grin Any advice you can give me before I get to LV 25 will be greatly appreciated. Smile
Hi Miki!

There are no stupid questions here! Feel free to ask as many as you need to understand the game!

Whenever you send a fighter to PvP, it will gain new stats and return to level 1. Let's say you have your 35/35 bunny and send it to PvP, it will be 1/50 once you send it. Therefore, it's recommended that you send a low level fighter and then use high level fighters to level it up.

I really recommend you take a look to this thread it may clarify some other doubts you may have about PvP:

There are other guides on the "PvP" section of the forum, be sure to check them out!


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