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? Leveling
Is there some way to tell what the full total needed is to Max out a fighter? I keep wondering if I am wasting some of these leveling materials on lower level fighters. For instance I have a 2 crown fairy that is at 1/20. If I use my mech frog it will take her up to max and it says + 30,000 = 30,000. But how do I know if all it really needed to get to Max 20 level was say only 10,000 thereby wasting 20,000 of the mech frog.
Which leads me to the next question. Smile If it is over kill and there is no way of knowing until you level, will the excess be applied to the leveling once they are evolved? So let's say I do use the mech frog on this fairy and she is maxed with the 30,000 which is say in excess of 20,000. When I evo her up will that extra 20,000 go towards leveling her next stage?
To see how much exp is required to reach maximum level you have to search the wiki.

Unfortunately excess exp is simply lost. Evolved fighters start at zero.

As to fairies I'd recomend saving your frogs as the fairies very quickly lose their value on a team. If you see an elven fighter you can fight that level over and over until she drops. The elves appear as early as level 5 and you can collect them even on those levels. It may take many times repeating the level though. Good luck
Thanks Joy! Found the comes down to doing the math. Smile

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