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I'm wondering why there are 2 categories in PVP to the right of your defenders that say No Boss Skill and No PVP Skill. I was considering bringing in a duplicate 4 star fighter and thought maybe the higher level fighters you bring in from your vault may keep their Captian skill and Random skill and these would translate in PVP to the Boss and PVP skill. I experimented and apparently this is not the case. What are the Boss and PVP skills? How do you go about getting them? Thanks in advance for your help. Smile
Boss skills and PvP skills are exclusive to Legendary Fighters. You can get them from various areas, but I recommend the Lair and the Gate Legendaries (Dragons and Golems, respectively).

Boss skills enhance Defenders by giving them stat bonuses, removing certain gems etc.
PvP skills are the equivalent of Random skills, and stall you pretty hard if you are not careful.
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ISeeMyself is correct. I'll just add a little bit more. Currently, only Legendary Fighters have Skills in PvP, & usually only the highest evolved form of that Fighter gets a Skill. When you choose to add a Fighter to PvP you will be shown a screen displaying what that Fighter's stats will be as a Defender; it will also show you their Boss Skill &/or PvP Skill if that Fighter has one. This way you can decide if it is worth it to put them into PvP or no. You can also view any Fighter's PvP Skills on their Wiki Page (most of the pages are up to date).

A Defender with a Boss Skill will only use its Boss Skill when it is placed in the Final Stage of your Battleground. Sometimes Boss Skills will only affect the Boss itself, other Defenders have Boss Skills that affect all Defenders, or a group of Defenders, like 'all Red Defenders'; while some have Skills that affect the playing board itself, such as removing healing Gems each turn.

A PvP Skill, however, will always be in play. If a Defender has a PvP Skills it can use that PvP Skill no mater the stage in which they are placed. PvP Skills will only affect that Defender. Many times these PvP Skills are special attacks that will only trigger every so often, & not every turn, but there are some that do trigger every turn, or each time that Defender attacks.
Awesome.Thanks guys! Smile :icon_heart:

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