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Clan Missions (Suggestion)
Hi, guys! I want something new in the clans and that is what I thought...
What about Clan Missions? Why not?
[Image: uc?export=view&id=0Byo9OkqvsLGAZEdHc3hiQTZJRE0]

I asked to Immortals what could be the rewards and the missions?

Here there is some missions:
01. Win one clan war
02. Every clan member win 5+ pvp matches.
03. Evolve 100 frogs as a clan.
04. One member must have 5/5 wins during one clan war.
05. Win a war at least for 15 points.
06. 2 members must change their battlefields.
07. King must win at least 3 times in wars (there is 2 wars per week).
08. Lords must level up 1 defender.
09. All members must win the battle of the day.
10. Win 500 trophies. (I don't know if it's too much to a weak clan).
11. One purchase in PvP Machine.
12. Evolve 1 fighter per clan member.

I ask you what do you think about the idea and what can be the rewards Smile

Thaks you... Big Grin
ID: 740.310.533
USER: GeorgeST
CLAN: Immortals
It's a good concept but keeping in mind the clans with awol kings I would be careful with anything that involves total clan participation.

Pvp machine purchases would also be a hardship on anyone not in champions that's trying to save for big stuff. Heck I'm in champions and I'm still loathe to spend medals on little junk.

I think it would be lots of fun to have clan missions. But I'd keep it general so any member can fulfill the tasks but also set the requirements so it takes multiple people cooperating to accomplish them.

*thumbs up* Georgest

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