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The Three Spin Guarantee Explained
One of the best kept secrets of skydoms, the infamous Three spin guarantee.

It's a very simple mechanism but so subtle that people can play for months without catching on to its existence.

Here's the scoop.

If you don't get a legendary on the first or second individual spin of the rare machine, you will on the third.

This is only in effect when the machine is HOT.
This only counts for spins you paid 5 diamonds for.
This only works ONCE per hot event.

Clan gifts and island clearing spins do not count.

You will often get something OTHER than the featured fighters.

You may have to make all three spins within a certain time frame I haven't tested if there's a time limit between the individual spins.

I don't know if spinning a multiple canister spin first will void the three spin guarantee.

You can stop spinning if you get your prize on the 1st or second spin as that concludes the guarantee. Additional spins still have the HOT chances so pick a 4 leaf clover, buckle your horseshoe belt, and eat your bowl of lucky charms.

Also watch out for Night Gaunts, they come out 5 crown but are NOT legendary so keep spinning!

So in summary, if you have 15 diamonds, you're going to get a legendary this weekend.
Just tried it, and it worked for me!

I got, in order:
Pisces (#402)
Freia, the Apprentice (#669)
Ice Warrior, Yeti Ian (#205)

I did the first spin (the 3 gem spin), and got Athena (#774). Then I did the next 3 spins as recommended and got the 3 fighters I listed above. I guess I could have stopped with the first spin since I got a 5 Legendary Pisces, but I carried out all 3 spins anyway (and got 2 other fighters I didn't have!).
Thank you for your enthusiasm John and I'm glad you got lucky but the guarantee is only in effect when the machine has the yellow HOT banner.

Congrats on Pisces, yeti, And Athena! They are great. 3/4 legendaries is extremely nice results too!

You can always get a legendary from the rare machine. This post is just about a way to make sure you get at least 1.
Thanks for the explanation. I just did that today and wondered why it didn't work. Per your explaination, one of my 3 spins was the free one I saved for a hot weekend for passing an island.
However, I do have a question. I would like to gift a friend diamonds but on my iPad account which is the one I want to use, the gift option is not there in the store. I'm wondering why.
Thanks Joy!
Hey Miki,
I believe the gifting option is currently only available on Android devices.
Thanks Joy,
Sucks to have friends with Tongue I'll have to start an acct with Google Play. I got a friend into the game and they are struggling so I thought I would give them a little pick me up and keep them going since they got me diamonds and coin as a recruit. Big Grin
Quoting myself here:

(09-25-2016, 08:06 AM)ISeeMyself Wrote:  Game uses a variation of pseudo-RNG for determining a Legendary drop, which is quite rare. More "Rare" Fighters you get, more your chances of getting a "Legendary" will be. "3-Spins guarantee" is a thing, but don't rely on it too much.


Quote:Thank you for your enthusiasm John and I'm glad you got lucky but the guarantee is only in effect when the machine has the yellow HOT banner. -Joy

Fests already say "Super Chances" on a certain LegendaryLegendary series/school, which is roughly 8x. With the 3-Spin guarantee & the fact that pseudo-RNG is at your side, it's not unusual to snag a few Fest Legendaries. Which, of course, means a chance to get the now-discontinued Mythicals.
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