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pvp losses
in the last 2 days i have had losses due to the game being temperamental. The first I didn't even get IN to battle, it stuck on the loading screen for 3 HOURS before i finally reloaded the app, logged in no problem but it had given me a loss. The second even more annoying, I completed the battle and it awarded me medals and trophies and the "session expired" notice came up and i had no choice but to refresh it... AGAIN it gave me a loss!! Considering i normally only suffer 3-4 losses per season this is really starting to bug me. Is it just me? or is this a feature of the game i should get used to?
We'll look into this, have you tried our latest version?
ah i have had an update today i think so i will let you know if the problem reoccurs
Grrrr!! you're killing me!! now another 3 losses have appeared on my pvp record that i didn't even fight? So this season i have fought 84 times, i lost 1 battle fair and square and 5 losses unfairly!! And the season isn't even over yet, what plight do you have in store next? boils? locusts? it's a good job i have no cattle i guess? lol
I understand you have "bigger fish" to fry at the moment but if we have to go through another day of maintenance to fix everything then it'd be nice to set the record straight

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