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wyvern flooding
I think they are more common than sin or zodiac fighters... not to mention their nightguant counterparts.... come on, don't be so ridiculous
They are still better than another Pirate! Haha

I have heard others say the same thing about some of their drops - Wyvern after Wyvern after Wyvern. They are likely to be more common than Legendary Fighters because... Wyvern & Nightgaunt Fighters are NOT Legendary. Since they are not Legendary Fighters, it can be assumed that their drop rates are higher than that of a Legendary Fighter - Wyvern & Nightgaunt Fighters are more common than Legendaries.

I would actually consider using the Wyvern Fighters, but they are just so darn expensive to evolve! & I don't really understand why - they are not really all that great. They could work on some teams (like a Kali or Basilisk team), but in general use, I just don't see them being worth the expense. I'd rather save my Materials & Coins for something with a little more use. But I like the idea of them both! & I am glad that they are in the game.

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