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Skydoms under maintenance
I agree!
I was trying to agree with the guy who said they hope our defense boosts won't run out... something like that i think....
Good looking on the Friday nest tomorrow. Its already been hard to get Queen Ants. Thanks
<I don't have to pretend to be less than I am, to make you appear greater than you are.>
Worst bicolor evolution ever. Simply awful.

Edit: my initial evaluation assumed the secondary boost in the bicolor lords active skill would not benefit a monocolor team. However, I just learned that both color boosts will stack for matching bicolors. This adds a new dimension to the island lords. The skill will give a 3.75x attack boost to the island lord in question at the very least. The skill grows in benefit as you add matching bicolors.

Although I carefully guard my energy costs the 300 energy increase seems worthwhile in this case.
(10-14-2016, 10:26 PM)Alex Wrote:  Friday Nest will be available tomorrow Saturday as an exception

Marvelous! Thank you very much for the compensation! & thank you for working on the unexpected server issues.

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