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skydoms down many hours now
I woke up today & immediately could not access the game. Where it normally says "loading" it now says "retry" and underneath that it says "skydoms is down for maintenance try again later"! Except that it has now been DOWN FOR "SEVERAL" HOURS! I've put A LOT OF MY TIME & $ INTO MY AÇCOUNT & want to know a) why this keeps happening with NO WARNING to the players & b) with no timeframe certain for it to be restored! When will the game be back up today October 14, 2016???? its now been down for several hours!
The developers stacked their knowledge. They only know how to do new fighters. The game dinamical is the same. Bored !!!
Still down...very frustrating. Are we going to be "reimbursed" for the stamina we've lost out on? I save my stamina for the afternoon (after work), and had full stamina...I would have gained at least 50 stamina in the time it was down. How about giving everyone a couple free gems for our inconvenience?
Seriously. With running a clan with my husband and working all day I too plan out my usage of stamina. I miss out on my 3 diamond spin today and the opportunity to gain materials from the nest today. Had I known it was going down I would have planned my attack (no pun intended). I think some diamonds would be suitable for the trouble and maybe give a heads up via the news feeds next time?
In just 4 months since I've downloaded this gaming app I've spent easily $400.00 playing it which is an ABSURDITY now that I think about the facts such as the fact that I could have purchased an ENTIRE GAMING SYSTEM for that amount or a dozen game CDs with more than 10 x's the amount of levels and characters & NO HARANGUES whatsoever where I have to go 24 hours at a time not able to access the gaming I've paid so much into! Not to mention in 4 months this is like the "5th time" at least where its been inaccessible or "down" for several hours or MORE n that seems to be a rip off off players time & $$$ on numerous the person who commented that you/the developers should compensate us/the loyal players with some free gems etc as basic compensation for the REPEATED INCONVENIENCES...IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT THIS IS INEXCUSABLE N IM FURIOUS

Especially since A) its saying its "maintenance" where I go to log in & can't & B) you/the developers get free advertisements via or interest in the game even more so when everyone's upset like this by the inability to access the game, so gems are the very least you should give as "some type" of compensation! For me I've not been able to access over 8 hours already I AM LOSING STAMINA & ACCESS TO DAILY ISLAND & AWARDS ITS TOTALLY MESSED UP!!
I think a free rare spin with an awesome chance to win a cyclops or medusa...

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