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Best strategy for high combos?
Given that the game was so nice to drop me Growler and Xi Wangmu basically side to side, I'm trying to set up a strategy that would allow me to use them efficiently. I'm trying to come up with a set that will make the combos high enough to proc both fighters possible and probable.
What I have already is:
- Captain on my side - Growler, for obvious reasons
- Friend cap - Egyptian god of first generation, preferred either Set (bonus attack for at least three fighters in a planned multicolor team, survivability) Or Anubis (armor reduction might help, attack bonus for at least 2/6), when they're on captain slot their active is a guaranted +2 to combometer
- Xi Wangmu - wherever in the middle, mainly there for her active
- A time master. Is there an option other than Zhurong or Nezha? Because main plan is about making a tower of 4 (5 if possible) rows of 3x1 blocks, directly above one another, with the mismatched last column (you know, red-red-green, then green-green-yellow, yellow-yellow-blue etc., so I can move last column one block down and have combo ready). It's doable and pretty easy to set up, but takes some time.
- Given that a setup is needed - considering Scarecrow.
- Something that boosts energy generation while not being a captain. Artemis would be a dream choice but I don't have her.
- Some kind of wild card. Maybe a healer, maybe some kind of reshuffler, another damage amplifier... Haven't decided yet.

Any advice or ideas?
The highest combos I can generally obtain are 7-8x and its on a monocolor team. For growler and xiwangmu I prefer to use green team but insane numbers can be achieved with any monocolor team. I use moctezuma as a captain and borrow growler, palden and izinami (alt mighty dwarf) Xi Wangmu, and 6 crown Raphael (alt Gilgamesh, Osiris, Samael, war djinn)

Basically the goal is to convert to green using palden and Izzy and leave at least 8 gems as energy and the secondary color (yellow in this set up).

In the ideal conversion you'll get 4 energy and 4 yellow. Then you can place the tiles like this.

I have mostly stuck with using mono-colour teams for my Skydoms career, & I prefer these teams - but there are some multi-colour teams that are just awesome.

I've never really been great a lining up those high combos, but I have gotten better at it in the past few months. Most players like to use a gem converter like Sylph or Izinami & also a Monk, on their mono-colour teams. This can be great, because it allows the player to condense the field to 1 main colour, one secondary colour, & energy gems. This allows for great damage & higher combos. But for me... I have always used only one converter on my team at a time: an Elemental or Japanese gem converter. This leaves more gems on the board or colours that likely will not build up attack for a mono-colour team. However, these gems can be used to add to your combo multiplier.

Lets use Undine as an example. 'Convert all Gem War & Gem Mech to Gem Transmute.' That will give us Blue gems, Red gems, Purple gems, & Energy gems. What I like to do with these gems is organize them in a way that will allow me to match the most Blue gems as possible, as well as matching Energy & at least one other colour. I then try to organize the tiles in a way that I can control the position of dropping gems. I take into consideration the 'negative space' as I call it, once the initial matching phase has ended. I set up my tiles so that when one match is used & disappears, the tiles around that match will fall & make a new match. This approach is not all about creating as many matches as you can in your first move, its about setting up the board for the falling tiles - like the Yellow tiles in Joy's example above. Its surveying the tiles you have, but also seeing through the tiles that will be used.

This is probably not the most efficient use of gem conversion or high combo strategies out there, but it has worked for me. I can usually get about 4-5 initial matches, plus 1-2 'controlled' falling matches, plus another 2 lucky matches when the board refills with other gems. I tend to average between 6-11 matches each turn - sometimes less, sometimes more depending on gems & luck. Which is probably about average for most teams. The biggest issue with this method is when your two secondary colours become too plentiful & crowd the board. Sometimes it will force the player to waste a turn matching needless gems to get rid of them. But that's why we carry those bi-colour Fighters around, right? haha! But, using only one gem converter on my team allows me the opportunity to use an other fighter on my team rather than a Monk or other secondary converter. So I can strengthen my team by adding an other Fighter to take its place, such as an Island Lord to boost attack, or a stunner, or damage reducer.
That's the base strategy for my mono team as well, unfortunately it won't work with the team I'm planning to use. It rarely nets more than 5-6 guaranteed lineups and everything after that is rng.
Well, I'll keep trying, got some new stuff recently, so maybe something will work.
I know this isn't the best possible team, & does not make use of all of the Fighters you are considering, but... Consider using a Kali Beast team?

Kali (Cap) + Zhurong (bi-colour) + Banzai (bi-colour) + Shadow Wyvern + Grinch (or Baal) + Growler (Co-cap)

Or you could use the Shadow Nightgaut in place of Grinch/Baal or even a second Wyvern. & the Wyvern or Nightgaunt could potentially be Green instead of the Purple. Or you could try making a multi-colour team. I'm not sure how effective it will be at achieving high combos, but it might be worth possibly almost taking a half-look at.

Let us know if you come up with an effective team!

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