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Clan War tiers ?

I'm wondering if there is any rythm or reason to how you are paired up in clan wars.

For instance, on tier one, am I as a level 50 player in Silver 1 just as likely to play against a level 200 player who is in a top level of PVP as I am to play a low level player?

I understand that your clan may have 20 players and the opposing clan could have 10 in which case you may play one person multiple times.

Is there any criteria that determines who defends what stage?
Is it based on PVP stats in any way? Like what tier they are in or their personal win and loss PVP stats?

Is it their bottom 1/3 players who defend tier 1. If so what determines that bottom 1/3?

It seems peculiar that our clan played one guy on tier one 12 times who is in the Titanium league. All of our people on tier one are level 60 and below. He never defended on any other tier. Perhaps his record is poor in Titanium and that's why he is defending in tier one.

When I look at what players on the opposing defended on each of the 3 tiers. There are no crossovers. The names of the players on the opposing team who defended each tier never defended in more than one tier. This has me believing that there is a criteria but what is it?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks in advance for any insight.Smile
Does anyone have any idea of how Clan War tier battles are set up for defending each tier?
It almost seems like it has to do with the level of PVP that the players are in, number of players divided by thirds, and then random selections in those pools. But not sure...can anyone shine any light on this mystery.Smile
There was a lot of debate on how Tiers were determined when the Clan Wars were first introduced. The determining factor has to do with a player's rank within their Clan - the position dictated by PvP points. Each player is given a ranking in their Clan. Players are ranked in their Clan based on their PvP points & global position. This internal Clan ranking decides how players are distributed among the three Tiers of a Clan War. Players ranked lower in the Clan will appear in Tier 1, while players in the top of the Clan will appear in Tier 3, & the others are placed in Tier 2. A player's Battleground will only appear in one Tier during a single Clan War, so you will not fight the same player on two separate Tiers during the same War.

I hope that helps!
I have not payed especially close attention but the tiers are not evenly divided into thirds. It's hard to fix an exact number because the number of people in the clans vary and it's hard to track. However when facing a clan with 10 players only two different arenas were presented on tier 3. So I believe the top 20% are in tier 3. Which also plays well with my observations from my own clan. We have 23 members and sometimes 4 and other times 5 people are set as tier 3.

Best guess is 50/30/20 distribution over the war tiers. Anyone able to confirm or correct this please chime in.

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