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Pvp fighter
Does anyone know a blue fighter with similar skills to Odin
Currently there are no other Fighters that fully mimic Odin's Skills. But there are a few alternatives.

Probably the most comparable Fighter would be Set, the Egyptian God. Set is a very useful Fighter for many PvP teams. He is a Blue Fighter, & in his bi-colour form, is Blue & Green. His Captain Skill is similar to Odin's Captain Skill in that he can boost your total life. Now, Set does not directly boost life, rather he passively generates a Protection Barrier as you match Energy Gems. It is not 'life' like Odin gives, it is a Protection Barrier that is added to your life. But both Captains will improve your total 'life' by 1/2.

There is also Naga, the Mythical Fighter. She is a Blue & Purple Fighter that will double your Energy Pool when she is used as your Captain. She will also boost your total Energy generation for the team. Her active Skill will allow you to heal, but she does not increase your life bar.

As far as Odin's Active Skill to ignore armour, Cancer the Zodiac Fighter is a Blue Fighter that can ignore enemy armour for 1 turn.

There are a few other Fighters that share some similarities with Odin (like Minoraur {Yellow/Green}, Torikhan {Yellow}, & Hrothgar {Red}), but none of them can fully match all of Odin's characteristics.

I hope that helps!
Artemis (#780) and Artemis, Goddess of Hunt (#781) won't provide extra life, but will provide 1.5x and 2x energy pool, respectively. And they also provide great (and super) healing when matching gems.

As far as active skills, Cancer will ignore enemy defense like Odin...but Odin can be evolved to disarm ALL enemies, and I don't believe Cancer can do that even when evolved.

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