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none series
I have only tested deadly typhon but i expect it is a general problem. The captain skill gives 2x attack for one match and 1x for every subsequent match... unless i am being dense (quite possible) i make this 5 separate disintegrator matches for max attack. but it actually seems like it requires 6 separate matches?
Mel, the 2x Attack is when two matches are made

EDIT: Sorry I was wrong, it should be 2x when at least 1 desintegration is used
"2x attack for fighters if any disintegrator matches"? this is on the game and the wiki
the native series is worded in the same manner... "2x attack if (insert colour) matches" ..... does this also mean 2 matches? if so then it is not a bug but certainly misleading in the form they are written
Hi Mel!

The skill works as follows: you'll get an initial 2x Attack whenever you make 1 combo that includes a disintegrator gem. Further, separate combos with at least one disintegrator will increase your damage, up to 6x Attack on the evolved version of the Guardian fighters. Please bear in mind that combining several disintegrators in one combo will only count as one towards increasing the damage multiplier.
yes, this is how i understood it, 2x for 1 combo, 3x for 2 combo, 4x for 3 combo, 5x for 4 combo and 6x for 5 combo but it actually requires 6 separate disintegrator matches for max attack.
I understand that it is separate matches as stated in my first message, i have screenshots showing 2 sets of 8x combos, one of which had 5x disintegrator matches and the other 6x which is where i have collected my information from, only the latter giving max attack

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