Poll: Should the Energy costs of Nian, Chimera, & Basilisk's Active Skills be rebalanced?
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Kingdom Fighters Rebalance (Nian, Chimera, & Basilisk)
Hello! Quinn here. Ever since the release of the new PvP Machine exclusive Fighters, Nian, Chimera, & Basilisk, there have been doubts about their value based on their balance. These doubts centre around their Active Skills. The Active Skills that these Fighters possess are based on already existing Fighters, but the costs of these Skills are not proportionate. It begs the question 'Why?' Why do the Active Skills of these Fighters cost so much more than that of the Skills on which they are based? To me, the Active Skills of these three Fighters needs to be in-line with the other Fighters. For balance to work, there needs to be consistency. Let us take a look at these Fighters side-by-side their inspirations & make comparisons.

Nian - Cyclops

Nian's Active Skills is Ancient Protection
'Ancient Protection: 50% reduction of incoming damage this turn.' Cost: 5500

Cyclops' Active Skill is Ignore Pain
'Ignore Pain: 60% reduction of incoming damage this turn.' Cost 4500

Nian's Skill gives 10% less protection than Cyclops' Skill, but it costs 1000 more Energy. So... less protection for a higher cost. What?...

Chimera - Xi Wangmu

Chimera's Active Skill is Match Focus
'Match Focus: 2x Attack if a 5+ combo is made during this turn.' Cost: 6750

Xi Wangmu's Active Skill is Lucky Attack
'Lucky Attack: 3.5x Attack if a 7+ combo is made during this turn.' Cost: 5000

Chimera's bonus is less than Xi Wangmu's bonus, it's combo requirement is also lower (that makes sense), but its cost is a whopping 1750 more Energy more. Again... What?...

Basilisk - Medusa

Basilisk's Active Skill is Stone Look
'Stone Look: Stun enemy for 2 turns.' Cost: 9200

Medusa's Active Skill is... Stone Look!
'Medusa's Stone Look: Stun enemies for 2 turns.' Cost: 4200

Basilisk stuns 1 enemy for 2 turns while Medusa stuns ALL enemies for 2 turns (3 turns when she is evolved). However, Basilisk's Skills is MUCH more expensive than Medusa's Skill. Even Medusa's Stone Frighten Skills costs 4995, & it stuns all enemies for 3 turns!

Nian, Chimera, & Basilisk all make the player overpay for Skills that already exist. This needs to change. Their Captain Skills are just fine, they are interesting & quite useful (though I would still consider Phoenix, Manticore, & Gryphon to have the better Captain Skills). The costs of these Fighters' Active Skills need to be lowered to more closely match those of the existing Active Skills. Here are the costs that I propose:

Ancient Protection: 50% reduction of incoming damage this turn. Cost: 4200.
This one is pretty simple. It gives less protection than Ignore Pain, therefore it should cost less than Ignore Pain.

Match Focus: 2x attack if a 5+ combo is made during this turn. Cost: 4700.
The lower attack bonus for a lower amount of a combos makes perfect sense. However, it should not cost an exorbitant 6750. The point of having a combo requirement is to make the cost less, as we see with Xi Wangmu. Leonidas can boost Legendary attacks by 2x for 4500 energy, & the Island Lords can boost all attacks of their colour by 2.5x for 4995 energy - & their boosts are guaranteed, while Basilisk & Xi Wangmu's are not.
This Skill should cost more than Leonidas' because, like Xi Wangmu, the bonus applies to all Fighters, not just Fighters of a certain Kind or School. But, it should cost less than Lucky Attack, becuse the bonus is significantly less.

Stone Look: Stun enemy for 2 turns. Cost: 4000.
It is Stone Look. It should cost the same amount of energy as Stone Look. Actually, since it only stuns 1 enemy instead of all of them, it should cost less. Of these three Fighters, Basilisk is the most poorly designed. Beasts are difficult to work with, so as a Captain, it will be challenging to build an effective & practical team using Basilisk, just like with Kali. & there are already other stunners that perform just as well & better than Basilisk, including Medusa, Raven the Scarecrow, & the Imps. So, with Basilisk build the way it is, why would anyone buy it?

These Fighters are cool, I will say that. But being cool alone does not make them useful or balanced Fighters. These Fighters cost a very high mount of PvP points to buy. But are those points well-spent? Hardly. They need to be rebalanced.

Surely there is a reason why these Fighters' Active Skills were balanced in the way that they are. So my biggest question to the Developers & Designers is: Why were these Fighters given such high energy costs? What is the design wisdom that went into creating their Active Skills?

I believe that these Fighters need rebalancing. If you agree, please post in support of rebalance, or offer a rebalance of your own. If you do not agree, please post your reasons why below.

I  have also added a poll to this thread, so please participate!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your time & feedback. Thank you.
These are excellent points Quinn! I agree with almost everything. However I compare chimera to leonidas and 5 crown xi wangmu. 2x attack from leonidas is 4500. 3x attack from xi wangmu' s lucky strike is 4k but also has a 7x combo requirement.

So I propose the chimeras skill should cost no more than 4500. The combo requirement compensates for the broader range of fighters affected.

I refuse to even play pvp anymore. I collected pride, leonidas, and legendary Ogre. The new stuff is an insult to the players who spend their time and effort on pvp.

Plus pvp has become a complete cluster fuuuuuudge. (With nuts)
When I first saw these new fighters I was like woah cool.... then I saw the energy cost for their skill and actually lol'd for real. The energy cost makes these a joke. If the energy costs ever become realistic, they might be worth trying but the pvp medal cost is still too high in my opinion.

I'm willing to bet the energy cost is high because you can get these without diamonds.
It's like any game, the ones you can get for free are never as good as the ones you have to pay for. It's common math for game developers at this point. If you want the best you buy the diamonds.

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