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Color Balance
I still consider myself a noob at this game but I'd like to share one observation I have at this point.

Green, Red and Black are way too powerful, especially green. In my opinion, you have to play one of those three colors to succeed and especially green. There are two reasons why I believe this:

First, it's Limtel. She is so OP you HAVE to use her on every team and as a captain nonetheless. In her bicolor form she gives 2x att to green. That makes green the best team to make.

Secondly, the web island. Why is there no randomness to the final stage. It's always black, red, green as the large spider. That means that if you are leveling those colors you can do it much faster than any other color.

My experience: I was lucky to get lots of decent yellow units early. I got Ra, Sagittarius, Gluttony, Steambuster and Wang Mi (spelling?) I thought I was on the right track building them up especially with the combo of Ra and steambuster. However, I quickly learned that I always needed to include Limtel for healing because nobody else would do enough and having free heals not using energy is game-breaking. So I had this great yellow team, that gets limited action because it just can't compete with a green team taking advantage of bicolor Limtel. Secondly, leveling a yellow team is way more costly since the chances of getting the big spider are way lower since it NEVER shows up on the last stage.

I'm willing to accept that it's quite possible I don't have enough experience yet with this game and I could be missing some key things, but as of now none of the healing units even come close to the strength of limtel.

My suggestions to fix this...easy for the second one just randomize the units you see on the final stage of the web asteroid or make paths. The fix for the first one is not so easy. You can't nerf Limtel without garnering the ire of the player base. I suggest that, since you've already jumped down the rabbit hole, release a healer like that for each color so people can have more freedom to choose what color they want to play. I keep going back to give my yellow team another try and it just blows having to include limtel as a regular member dealing no yellow damage or make her a captain severely limiting the amount of damage I can do.

That's my two cents, thanks for listening.
Limtel (admittedly) was nerfed to hell and back, but you don't need her exclusively. Healers like Demeter, Pride (hard to get) & Artemis (especially her) are very powerful as well, and may go well with your team.

Web Island. OH GOD THE WEB ISLAND. You'll be lucky to get a Yellow/Blue Giant Spider batch in 4th Wave. I agree with you on this one.
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