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Sugar skull medusa error
Hey guys. You accidentally put 5 crown Medusa's skill on sugar skull medusa.

I'm assuming this was an error and not on purpose as an intentional swap like this falls under the definition of bait and switch tactics which is illegal in the united states.

And I'm SURE you did not intend to commit a crime that would merit a report to the better business bureau.

I will quote this from an other thread:

(11-01-2016, 03:10 PM)Quinn Wrote:  ...Yes, her Active Skill is Stone Look, not Stone Frighten - two turn stun rather than three. But here is what you probably didn't notice:...

Sugar Skull Medusa's Captain Skill is 'Medusa Desire X.' This Skill is a 7-Crown bi-colour Medusa Captain Skill. Sugar Skull Medusa is a 6-Crown Fighter, but her Captain Skill was elevated to match that of the 7-Crown Medusa. Sugar Skull Medusa also has a PvP Skill & a PvP Boss Skill. PvP Skill is Great Stun, randomly stunning the enemy's Fighters, just like Torikhan. Her PvP Boss Skill is +10% Attack power for all Legendary Defenders. even the bi-colour Medusa has no PvP Skills.

Sugar Skull Medusa is not Astonishing Beauty Medusa - there are several differences between the two Fighters. Other Halloween Fighters have differences as well, such as Agripa, Taranis, & even Set - though very minor alterations.

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