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Regarding Posts & Threads About "Is the game dying?"
I'm aware that, with Alex' departure from this game's development, we (both as a community and the game as an entity itself) have entered what developers call "Development Hell" or "Development Limbo".

That being said, Wiki did NOT receive updates (neither did Facebook or other pages) and the game has minor/major bugs lying around.

If there are developers around (which I believe there is), they could fix the issues quickly. But right now all we can do is to wait. Wait for what? For how long? I've absolutely no idea.
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I'm guessing Alex is/was the only one that responded on the forum. I'm sure that there may have been others, but he's the one I always talked with. I just find it rather odd that your question has been lingering for over 10 days without a response...

I'm optimistic that we are just in a Limbo... but it's starting to look like it may be the other option... Let's see if this question lingers for another 10 days...

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