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Favourite Fighters?
Hello, all! Quinn here. Let's have some fun! I'd like to know who your favourite Fighters are & why. You can name just one, or your top 5 or so. Which Fighters do you enjoy to use the most? Which Fighter do you think has the best Skills or is designed the best? What Fighter do you really want to capture? Or perhaps you just really like the artwork for a particular Fighter! Any reason will do! Just let us know who your favourites are!

I'll go first...

1. Isis
I really enjoy playing with Isis - she looks great in her bi-colour form, & her Captain Skill is very useful. When she became elevated to bi-colour form, her Captain Skill became much easier to use & she became much more powerful & useful.

Xi Wangmu
I had my eye on the Queen Mother when she was released, & I was very excited when I spun her in the Rare Machine. She helped me tremendously in PvP. She is fun to use, & her artwork is well done.

3. Cronla
This one is for nostalgia. In the early days of my Skydoms adventure, I used Cronla as my Captain all of the time. She was my go-to Fighter, & favourite of the all of the Elves.

4. Taranis
Ah, Taranis! Taranis has eluded me for a long, long time. I never could spin him from the Machine until just recently. For a very long time, I treasured my Taranis Friend Captains. Taranis was essential to my team. Taranis, & all of the other Elementals, are very cool, very well designed, & crucial to any mono-colour team.

5. The Witches
The Witches are dear to my heart Angel

There are so many more! But I will stop there. So please! Tell us about your favourite Fighters!
Atahualpa, Atahualpa, ATAHUALPA. My best (and my absolute FIRST) Legendary monocolor Captain damage-wise, but requires a lot of skill (and a fair share of RNG's blessing).

Fairy Hydra counts too. Awesome for decimating Material Islands.
ded gaem, etermax disband
Lineup (Red): Atahualpa, Grimer, Annlis (6★), Fenris, Salamander (5★)
ID: 997.071.092
I love a lot of fighters so I'll list a few of my favorite series and fighters.

Elementals (and Japanese 2) for being the awesome monocolor engines that make my skydoms world spin. Taranis has a special place in my heart as the first legendary I ever got. I'm always hopeful to get a red or purple from this group.

The natives especially the Beautiful Oraakeli. Spinning oraakeli gave me incentive to pay attention to combos and with her I got my first taste of pure destructive force. It was intoxicating!

Bicolor Monks, the addition of an extra color and the extra dash of healing, really brought the monks into their power. The monks compliment the other converters and allow a much higher degree of board control that I deeply appreciate.

Xi Wangmu - the minute I saw her on the wiki, I knew she was special. When I lucked out capturing her during the introductory fest, I was elated! She's one of the most beautifully crafted fighters in the game and her bicolor evolution is fantastic. I have two Xi Wangmu and I keep 1 at 5 crowns and one maxed out. Both are powerful and useful. She also pushed me to get those high combos reliably but I loved her even when she took a dose of luck.

Gilgamesh and Nezha. These two time boosters gave me the chance to really play with the puzzle boards. Between them I developed and polished my techniques to hit 7 and 8x combos with ease.

The demons. For putting complete and utter destruction within the limits of my energy bar. Muahahaha!

I have a pretty long wish list of fighters but my own time lord nezha/ zhourong and a good purple and red converter and baphomet are at the top.
Right now my favourite fighter to use is Set, God of Storms. I have actually not obtained him yet, but I feel I don't need to. He makes just such a strong co-captain when matched with another damage captain and my Suijin's active. Set provides the defense required in PVP PVP  to survive all these annoying first turn killing blows. As a mono-colour team, Active Skill is necessary for dealing damage.
In a Skydoms world where PVP PVP is such a brutal kill immediately or be killed, Kui Xing is on every single team of mine. No matter what colours my team , 3.5x Attack comes at the low cost of sacrificing a healer Healer . I still remember how I grinded to level 116 so my energy Active Skill pool could allow me to convert gems and use his evo'd active skill.
Although she remains unused for many months now, there was a time when Demeter, Goddess of Fertility was my everything. I remeber when I first manage to get a Demeter from the rare machine I was slightly disappointed. I considered it to be a waste of spin like these trees on my highly Sylph reliant team. Thankfully I was way too wary to discard her. Day after day she sat in my vault ignored as a measly level 1 until her bi-colour was released and she suddenly became the fighter I didn't know I desperately needed. The perfect answer to my only PVP weakness,  War defenders obviously, and of course... the infamous Shadow Dragon. Beautiful artwork, perfect captain skill, and a versatile active skill, Demeter will never be forgotten.
Times have changed though, while there are PVP bosses with over 5 million Heart and 52k Attack , you can't have a team to fit every situation. But looks will always be important, hehe Beach Undine

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